Friday, April 23, 2010

Sex-up ur wardrobe

Yesterday's Earth Day. What did U do for the earth?

I fasted yesterday, hence no plastic bags, styrofoam, etc.
And at nite, I switch off the lights early. Hehehe. Tau la malam Jumaat kan? Sesekali guna alasan Earth Day, apa salahnya? Hihihi :P

Anyway, as we'll be having an Earth Day event today, I am wearing a kebaya (kena la nampak presentable kan?).

Okay, I believe most of us...pagi2 yang nak pegi keje, mesti hadap lemari tu dan berfikir Nak pakai baju apa ye arini?

dan yang best lagi...
Takde baju la... (walaupun baju dah takleh bernafas, sesak sangat dalam lemari).

So, today I'm gonna talk about sexing-up the wardrobe.

1. Get body conscious
Standard la kan? Form-fitting dress is sexy, esp. if u have a J.Lo's figure!
But for gangly, lanky ones like me (I was so leper and still am not that curvy until today)... the figure-hugging silhouette can also help add feminine curves.

Remember, it takes a very confident woman to highlight her curves, but confidence alone is uber-sexy!

2. Play peek-a-boo
Showing it all is not sexy. Channel your inner playful temptress and go for a hint of skin by trying see-through details like peek-a-boo lace macam Rachel McAdams ni.

3. Go for a flirty neckline
Not necessarily V-neck yang nampak segala lurah dendam tu, but strapless or spaghetti-strapped top is also flirty, esp. if u have slender arms and shoulders like makcik bee-stung lips nie.

4. Opt for sensual fabrics
Ahaaa..that is why nightgowns are made of slinky fabrics (e.g. silk, satin). 3 good things about the fabric is it grazes your curves in the most womanly way, inviting to the touch and imparts a soft glow all over for a radiant look.

However, visible panty lines are so not sexy. So make sure u slip in seamless undies and bra to avoid any VPL.

5. Hike the hemline
Show off those long legs in a leg-revealing bottom and great shoes. I might not be blessed with perfectly shaped pins, but I do wear mini cheerleaders skirts at home!

p/s: The shorter the hemline, the more cover-up you should aim for on top. Otherwise, you'll look like you're trying too hard!

6. Dare to plunge
I love halters! The sexy surprise is the bareback!

But hello, don't look so desperate. The right dose is just to focus on one asset to draw attention. Tengok Makcik Aussie nie...she plays down the bust and legs with a high neckline and long skirt for cover-up.

7. Wear red
A crimson hue has sexual power! No wonder it's common to see red dress, red heels, red lips and fingernails in the fashion industry! Cuba tengok dalam banyak2 red dresses ni, mana yang lawa?

Embrace your femme fatale side in a little red dress (a la Christina Ricci) but I have always wanted a scarlet handbag. (MrHubby, sila take note.Hehe)

p/s: Tips are to be practised depan laki sendiri jer.


  1. depan my hubby dah lama tak pakai baju tidur yg nipis2 tu sejak anak sulung dah besar ni. bukan apa dia dah pandai tanya "why mama are you wearing that?". huhu

  2. temp housewife,
    what???anyway, i nak biasakan anak2 tgk i pakai whatever i feel like wearing. so, it wont do any damage to my hubby's eyes :P

  3. hehe... arri n molly dont mind i pakai sexy wakaka...

  4. lady,
    let them become used to would be easier

  5. dress merah tu yg menangkap mata i!!

  6. elyn,
    oh yeah...nmpk daring gitu.


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