Friday, April 23, 2010


Almost 4 yrs ago... (before I got married to MrHubby, some time after his parents merisik)

Along (my sister): Wei, sapa nama mak mentua hang?
Me: Rauzah.
Along (my sister): Eh, bukan la.

Me: Aku tau la, (bakal) mak mentua aku.
Along (my sister): Aku tak pekak lagi la. Aritu dia introduce diri kat mak nama lain.

Me: Apa pulak?

Along (my sister): Ya... hang tak percaya, aku tanya mak balik.

Me: Tanya la (*cuak, mula ragu-ragu*)

So, I asked MrBoyfren. The answer? It was hilarious when I gotta know from MIL herself that she has various nicknames. Wahahaha... Glamer u!

Her real name is Rauzah, but most people know her by the name Jamaliah (hence they call her MokSu Jamal). At times, she got bored with that name, and used the name Kamariah. Pulak!!! Sukati dia jer nak tukar2 ye?
Lawak betul MIL ni...

Recently, I bumped into my hsemate masa zaman anak dara dulu, Kak Sharmiir.

The house was occupied by mostly IT seniors: Kak Ya, Kak Ayu (whom I always call Kaya & Kayu), Kak Sharmiir, Along and Kak Asni. Another one was K.Zah (electrical engineer yang tak tau tukar bulb lampu pun! wahahaha) and me, of the Microbiology background.

I introduced myself with the first two syllables of my name, but I don't know how... at one point they called me "Adik."

It was pretty awkward and I never addressed myself with that nick. Paling-paling pun, I'd use 'orang.'
e.g. "Orang ada kelas ni."

So, when I text/approach them at FB, I had to remind them that this is "Adik", instead of my name. Hehehe. Rasa macam not addressing myself pun ada.

Anyway, other nicks I rarely used are:

Belle: From the name Isabelle. I'm afraid kalo aku tak perasan dan lupa menyahut bila orang panggil. But, bcoz I have started to find it unique, okay... I love being called Belle from now on.

Clans call me Ija. I don't like it, but well...nothing can be done. So, I just live with it.

Another nick that will invite laughter from my siblings is "Dikja". Know why? Bcoz that's the so-called-mesra nick Mak would use on me that makes me had to swallow my vomit! (*khiaqqq...ptuih!!!*)

Anywayyyyyy... it still refers to yours truly, Isabelle ;)


  1. u nampak sgt gojes in that outfit!!!;0 love it!!!

  2. nice one! nama panjang2 pun alih2 pendek gak panggilnya lol

  3. nama i sedap lah juga but my bro suka panggil i murah... tsk tsk tsk...

  4. nasib baik la nickname i ada satu je!! Tp nama elyn jauh beza dgn nama sebenar i tau heheh

  5. hihi so funny la ur mil. btw ur real name mmg Isabelle ke or lain? bcoz u said ur frens call u ija.

  6. u got nice name, panggil Belle mmg sedap ah bunyi dia ;)

  7. dikja....dikja.. hehehehe...

  8. mama zharfan,
    hihihi.thanks:0 am blushing rite now.

    tau xpe. buang karen je bagi nama panjang2.

    is it after munirah?

    ye ke? i tot ur name mesti ada bunyi2 lynn @ linda.

    mel mikail,
    i once blogged about my full name.
    nanti i cari balik.

    yatie chomeyl,
    ala2 perasan kan, x guna nama melayu.hahaha

    baju sponsor tuuu...

    hang jagaaaa... dik kintan, dik doihhh...*mak sayang*

  9. Belle reminds me of Belle from disney...:) Princess Belle...nice lah...
    wah, very the brave baju...but gorgeous!


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