Friday, April 30, 2010

The First Cry

As the title is The First Cry, I wouldn't babble about the moment the waterbag broke, rushed to the hospital, VE, etc. Fast fwd to few mins prior to birth and the feeling la kan? It's a mixture of feelings, I can say.

I was in the labour room, menahan sakit contraction yang selang entah berapa minit. Segala doa yang aku tau, aku baca setiap kali sakit tu datang. Although the decision is ultimately mine, I was glad upon hearing the midwife saying “It’s progressing well, looks like u can deliver normally.”

Yang lawaknya, aku sibuk tanya MrHubby "Sekarang pukul berapa, bang?" time when the contractions are minutes apart, and he said it was 11 a.m. I was panic, bcoz I remember people saying...if the baby is born during mid-day, he/she'll be stubborn! Nak push, x boleh... bcoz I had to wait for the cervix to dilate a lil bit more. I was 50% frustrated if I couldn't deliver the baby before noon.

So, I told myself that anything latter is just a waste of time, hence I started pushing. Lagipun, masa tu I was so excited to see the baby's face.

When MrHubby was asked to stand near my legs to see the baby's head, it was so enthusiastic! Lagi la I couldn't wait. So, another big push....and......

"Uwaaa...uwekkk" (*tak tau camna nak explain bunyi baby masa tu*)

The baby's out! Alhamdulillah....I was so relieved! I felt so happy... and alive! Hilang segala rasa penat.

And I eagerly asked MrHubby again for the time (hoping it's not noon!) He smiled..."It's 12pm".

Hahaha. But, I was lucky, u know bcoz, the Dr.'s watch was only 11.57am. So, tak boleh la kata my baby ni degil.

Then, Dr. pun julang the baby for me to see with my own eyes. Yes, it's a boy! His little cry was still in the atmosphere, and I just lied there.. contemplating the sweet moments. I didn't bother to ask whether he is healthy, he has enough fingers/toes, etc. All I know is, I wanted the moment to be memorable.

They later put him on my chest (while cutting his umbilical cord) and I tickled his little feet. Masa tu, air mata bergenang... I was so touched. Subhanallah! He's so cute! With his eyes closed...I was one proud mom! (I know all mommies feel the same, but I am prouder for the normal delivery of a big 3.75kg baby!).

After, he was cleaned, he was handed to the proud Ayah for his first Azan & Iqamah.

This pic showed the first loving moment between me and my little darling, breastfeeding. I was surrounded by the curious, young unmarried nurses who were eager to know "Sakit ke, kak? Seronok kan dapat baby? Susah tak nak bersalin?" yada..yada...

The proud Mama & Ayah... (tak nampak muka letih pun, kan? sebab excited sangat)

Born 3.75 kg/11.57 am
18th September 2007/6th Ramadhan 1428
Hospital Putrajaya

I was overwhelmed bcoz our first visitors were Pak Ngah and Mak Ngah (kiranya betul la diorang ni anggap aku macam anak sendiri). Parents aku pun x datang sampai hari ke berapa ntah (okay, I'm a bit sad there).

But hey, besides my friends, someone came in to the ward...asking me "Is this Is? That's alright, U don't know me..." My, I was surprised! Cuak pun ada...She's actually a new friend (Jasce, whom I have never met before, we just YM few days before I gave birth)... Best kan? Baru kenal pun, siap datang bawak lampin, barut bagai.

Ya, aku terharu...tak sangka aku dah ada junior. Macam tak percaya, but that's it. It's a potpourri of feelings, everything is mixed up, but still I couldn't find the right word. Probably, suffice to's INDESCRIBABLE!

Sekarang, aku dah gedix nak pregnant lagi... bcoz I wanna have that feeling again. Though it'd be the 2nd baby, but it'd still be The First Cry (of the second baby). Kan? Kan?

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  1. thanks for sharing beb best i baca... best kan pengalaman jadi ibu.. agak gebu kan kalau 3.7kg... sedp peluk! hehe

  2. best entry ni :) suka baca kisah2 ni. bagi mentally prepared

  3. Seriously best your story..i pun rasa mcm2 feeling came through my heart while reading it..But u are lucky to deliver normally but not me that hafta go for emergency c-sect..

    BTW.. i pon skrg dah gedik nak preggie lagi but hopefully this time around I akan bersalin n0rmal.. :-)
    Anyway Belle, good luck for this contest.. ~wink~

  4. dalam syahdu baca post nie, bole tergelak ... kalu buat entry nie kene ada momentum,ahh dah lama tu first cry

  5. Definitely the best moment any mom can have....

    Adam is BIG!! How DID you manage to push him through?

    Now with the 2nd one, cam mixed feelings jugak...but still can't wait! Ur turn will be soon....;)


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