Thursday, April 1, 2010

What your shoes say about u?

Shoes, slippers, sandals... they are all worn in the feet. But how much do u know about your footwear?

As for myself, kadang-kadang pakai proper giler, kadang-kadang main sarung je. Beli pun, kadang-kadang ikut taste, kadang-kadang main beli je nak bagi banyak koleksi. Hehehe.

Okay, the most-skema one is the classic pumps. (Heee..aku ada nampak sorang bini kepada ex-crush aku pakai kasut ni. Skema ahhh!)

Actually, they are the staple accessories of a successful professional woman. Resembled as intelligent, reliable and a loyal friend... tapi takkan la masa kenduri pun pakai classic pumps kot! Hahaha.

Tips: Wear ur pumps with pants or skirt, suits in neutral black, gray, navy and khaki that you can mix and match. But complete it with simple, timeless jewelry (pearl or diamond studs, an understated ring or necklace).

Next is stilettos...

The raw female power is embraced by stepping out smartly, never afraid to state what you want. That's confidence!
Despite being a modern woman, the fact is we are also traditional at heart. So, put on ur finest stilettos.

Tips: For office work, opt for close-toe stilettoes with an A-line slim-fitting skirt

Sneakers? I wear it during field trips and most of the time during winter (then, bcoz nobody cares, and what matters most is comfort!)

We have the idea that sneakers are cool and those who wear 'em are witty with sarcastic humour in conversation.

Tips: Do not go for kung-fu sneakers, try something vintage, e.g. boho tee, flared-leg pants and bright bag to add a pop of color.

This Mary-janes is nothing nes, but I believe not everybody dares to wear 'em.

These girly shoes are Bree-van-de-Kamp (or Bree Hodge) type, who likes order and neatness in all things. But u r never boring, bcoz u possess a great sense of playfulness.

Tips: If u wanna wear mary-janes, the perfect pair is a crisp blouse and skirt. Accessories? Matching pearl necklace and earrings.

This open-toed shoes are pretty popular with its natural flirts, bcoz it is sexy!

Peep-toes can make u enter sassily that it tilts the body just a little forward, with an extra zing in your walk, and give onlookers a tiny peek of the toe cleavage.

Tips: Pair up ur sexy peep-toes shoes with a fitted V-neck blouse and a full, waist-accentuating skirt.

Last but not least, is the cowboy boots...

They are only for those who know what they like and follow their passion instead of conforming to stereotypes. It is said that these people have deep intensity, where the penetrating eyes get to the bottom of things, even in the most casual conversations.

Tips: Don't be a fashion victim! We don't ride horses in Malaysia. But if u still wanna wear 'em, wear these boots with hip-hugging jeans and boho that show off your womanly curves.
Alternatively, a long flowing dress or skirt can also make u look like a boho-chic!

Good luck in picking the right ones for urself!


  1. thanks for the tips.
    for now i suka sgt pakai wedges.hehe...
    taktau la kenapa..

    teringin nk pakai open toes tapi semedang takde size utk orang yang berkaki yg kecik molek ni..

  2. thanks..i love shoes..but have no money to have my own shoes collection..hehe

  3. baru jer beli boots hehehe... tapi tak leh pakai sini cam tak seswaiii jer kan..

  4. i teringin nak pakai stilettos tp tak reti nak berjalan. pastu nak berdukung budak kecik cam[ur barang kiri kanan lagi huhu

  5. dah lama teringin nak pakai stilletos, tapi ketinggian tak mengizinkan..huhu..

    believe it or not, i pakai sneakers pergi kerja..haha..

  6. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  7. lin muhamad,
    best la kaki kecik. kaki i besar. xleh jadi cinderella.

    xpe..slow2 la. i pun x byk koleksi.

    hahaha. tau xpe. tapi kalo kena gaya, boleh jer.

    yatie chomeyl,
    buleh jer, tgu baby SN besar sikit, mesti buleh punye. i pakai gak, biar prg nmpk...wah! pompuan tu, dgn anak pun leh melaram lagi.hehe

    unlisted one,
    fuiyoo..sneakers? u keje ada gi site ke?

    ladies shoes,
    no worries. u should know better kan?

  8. haha... i kat UK pakai heeled boots aje, kdg2 tukar pakai trainers, tgk la byk mana nak berjalan. skali balik msia main sauk je apa saja yg comfy, sbb panas. boots letak tepi. hrp2 x de makhluk Tuhan buat sarang dalam tu (mid-thigh length)!

  9. oyis,
    letak le daun pandan ke, apa ke...biar xde makhluk yg suka.hehe.
    btw, bila kita ni nak jumpa? wkend ni i blk endau. pls gimme ur hp number.

  10. kalo utk keje i byk yg style stilettos tu..

    yg first tu lgsg xmsk book sbb kdg xreti nk pakai hehe


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