Friday, June 5, 2009


Now is time for Zara Shoppe's Father's Day Contest. Hmmm... apparently I found more contest this month compared to contest for moms last May. How come huh?

Anyway, this contest is on from 4th June till 30th.

Well, actually ZARA SHOPPE is a place for u to get good bargains of shawls/scarves, leather wallet/purse, bangles, etc. Just peek into the link u'll be amazed at the utterly elegant and finely crafted stuff. Just pick one that suits your style and skin tone! The thing is... it doesn't burn a hole in your pocket! Hehehe...

Moving on to the next's the pix. Instead of the typical pix of my kid & MrHubby (too much exposure recently), I picked this one... of me & my Abah.

This pix was taken when we sent Abah to depart for his Hajj pilgrimage. I was putting up tanduk on his head, not realizing my nephew was doing the same to me. Hahaha.

The best moments between me & Abah?
Well, Abah was never close to any of his kids... including me.
That day, I was back in Penang and we went out together (with MrHubby) and I was pregnant of Cikebum. Out of the blue, he held my hand when we were about to cross the road.
It was such a simple thing, but bcoz Abah has never been that sentimental... I felt special! And I almost shed my tears.
Perhaps Abah doesn't know how to express his affection towards us, that's why he never did, but I could feel it.
Abah... I know u don't read my blog... But I want u to know, that I love u so much...


  1. adoyaii..isabelle..sweet sgt moment tuhh..same like me n my father..mmg takde kemesraan..but bila anything happen br nmpak yg dia sgt caring walaupn dia tak pernah tunjuk.. hmm..

    btw..gud luck..

  2. mmm...
    tu la kan? mcm sayu je bila tingat balik.

  3. cerianye family ni..
    ske tgk senyuman di bibir masing2 ihiks...

  4. eh eh..sian yg kecik kat belakang tu, kena blocked dengan mamanya..hehehe. cute la father dah tak de.teringat kisah2 dolu.

  5. ena, pls excuse my 'org minyak face'.

    mama asrar,
    that's my nephew.
    i was still single by then (balik cuti summer). mrhubby (calon) ada kat sblh tu actually, tapi i crop gmbr tu..hehehe

  6. alamak..asyik silap je..sori la ye isabelle. namapak mcm adam sekali pandang.jgn mare ye..;)


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