Friday, June 26, 2009

BIG EYES SHOP babywearing giveaway

I am excited upon knowing that the Big Eyes Shop is having a giveaway of a babywearing. Let me tell u why...

Babywearing! That's the word I kept in mind since I found it in the web some time ago. Why? Bcoz when I was pregnant of Little Munchkin, I really wanted to have one... but I didn't know where to get it. And even if I did, I didn't know the term used for this handy sling.

That day, I was resting on a bench after strolling in Jusco Bukit Raja when I saw a Chinese holding her baby in that thing. Being the usual I'd-rather-try-than-regret me, I walked towards her and asked where to buy it. Unfortunately, she claimed that she bought it somewhere far from where I lived.

I suppose, by then I was so limitedly-exposed...or perhaps I wasn't lucky enough to find this babywearing being widely sold in Malaysia, even in blogs! Pouch, ring slings...u name it...all's there. Pity eh?

So, when I found few websites selling it... I have bookmarked them, bcoz I definitely am gonna get one for the next baby, instead of using the 3 baby carriers I have at home!

And now I can start dreaming on how to style it too...

p/s: this is not the pix of the Chinese I met. Hehehe

Leo Natural
Wah...berangan pulak gi abroad buat PhD...leh gendong baby sambil tengok kuda. Over tul!

Alalala...tomelnye... style ni bagus utk cover Mama yg dah ada spare tyre. Haha

I know that this babywearing offers many advantages, but my main concern is to avoid muscle cramps while carrying the baby.

Look at these ring slings... Aside from providing comfort, it's stylo too! That's the thing I realized about the Big Eyes Shop- the fabric design doesn't look cheap and makes u look like Mak Pondong from Indon.

And I love this blue-purple sling very much! (Very the UiTM! Hahaha)

Too bad, the giveaway is none of the above, but that should be good enough for me! Demand pulak...biasa ni!!! Hehehe.


  1. hihihi...x sabar nk kendong baby lagik eik..

  2. amboi2 witz...
    xlama lg kalo dah ada senidirk, hang kendong la smpi rebeh bahu. hahaha


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