Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Waiting to be hitched

School hol's over...which means that the seasons for wedding invitations, kenduri here and there is also over. I myself have attended only a number of kenduris thru-out my whole life. Not that I don't fancy attending any...but staying at the hostel limited my chances, and I hate it when I haven't a clue of the people around me.

(I suppose that's the reason I had my wedding away from the hometown, so I'd be surrounded only by the people I know)

Anyway, I used to have this fear of what-if-i-were-never-married, bcoz despite pak-toeing quite a number of not-s0-gentlemen (since I left highschool), there seemed to be flaws here and there. I tried to tolerate, compromise, etc but after a while, it still didn't work. So, why wait?

I remember Ms Ooi, my first English teacher who was (perhaps, she still is) a spinster, though she's an adorable, stylish lady. She even taught us this song...

On yonder hills there stands a creature
who she is I do not know
I'll go and court her for her beauty

she must answer yes or no

Oh.. No,John
No, John No, John...No!

Oh heck I hear the church bells ringing
will u come and be my wife

or dear madam have u settled
To live single all ur life?

Hahaha... I almost gave up when things seemed not right along the path. I courted various types of men... handsome, ugly, tall, short, fat, thin, working, studying, sweet-talker, realism, Chinese, Malay, Aussie, professional engineer, SPM holder, humble, perasan-bagus type...u name it! Unfortunately (eh, FORTUNATELY...) none came up with a happy ending. Hahaha.

However, when my age reached a quarter century, I started to worry more.

Why? Bcoz I planned to get married at the age of 21 (the earliest) or at 25. Hence, when I reached the number, my youngest sister said... "Not to say that u r not yet married at the minimum age u set, but u r still not hitched at 25." --- that's very true!!!

I later asked the eldest sister... "What if I never say a word (about getting married) to our parents? May be that'll make them worry and started pushing me (they objected my idea to tie the knot before)"

And she answered "I'm afraid if they never complain, and u'll end up being a spinster!"

Hahaha... Yes, that is NOT IMPOSSIBLE! And I didn't wanna risk myself just to wake the parents up from their long sleep!!! (Creepy, ay?)

Today, I can stretch my big smile, bcoz I got married slightly after the max age targeted. And was granted the Little Cikebum very soon after that.

To Kizzy, don't u worry too much! In some cases, u might have to make the first move. That's what I did when I started dating MrHubby. Kalau tunggu dia, haihhh.. dunno when he'd make the first step (bcoz he thought I was already seeing someone by then -- memang pun!)


  1. i agreed..sometimes gurls do have to make the 1st move..

    tapi most of people takut di cop "perigi cari timba"..

    yg penting the way we handle the situation..kalo kena gaya nyer..xde le nampak cam "perigi cari timba"

  2. to me, it's now or never.
    i refuse to risk my life by losing the opportunity, just bcoz "malu konon".


  3. yes..i agree.

    kalau nak malu sgt/ tunggu, entah2 terlepas peluang! kalau tegedik2/ offer murah, mmglah nmpk mcm perigi cari timba...

    so jadi lah perigi yg ada pride! hee..

    I didn't make our first move but i challenge him to make the first move ;)

  4. wah ..suka i entry nih ..terkenang zaman mak dulu dulu noks...hahha...

    ni mak nak citer sket, dulu my ex yg poyos tuh kan ,kunun2 nak kawin ngan i umur dia 30 tahun, gilo ker hapa?? my age is younger 2 tahun dr dia, meaning to say that umur i 28 tahun bila kahwin ngan dia (kalau jadi lah, sib baik xjadi, ahhaha), i takmo lah ..nanti bila lak nak dapat anak kan..? i budget nak tunang umur 24, kahwin 25.

    yang paling syiall tuh, lepas break ngan i (my age is 22 time tuh), tak lama pas tuh, dia kahwin noks!! (umur dia 24@ 25 kot time tuh!!!) sebab dia kahwin ngan pompuan yg tua dari dia ..setahun @ 2 rasanya ...kong ajar tak??

    i tak jeles pun (gelak lagik ada, padan muka ko bela biawak hidup!!hahaha..jahatnya mulut aku ..ahaks ) tapi cakap tak serupa bikin!! poyo nak kawin lewat konon tak puas hidup (dia kaki disko n minum tapi sekali pun tak pernah bawak i masuk disko, aku pun tak hingin...agaknya dia takut i mati terkejut tgk aksi dia dalam disko kot!!!) ahahahaa

    after break, setahun i single tapi ramai kawan lelaki tak caya they tot i tipu..risau gak tak jumpa the men i love pas tuh, lucky me jumpa my hubby skang tak lama after that (dan age pun beza 5 tahun which i sukeeee sgt ..tak suka dekat2 umur ..)

    i terus setle down, kenal bulan 3, couple bulan 7, tunang bulan 12, habis citer (i nak pindah opis baru so my hubby takut i kena tackle ..hahaha..ikat dulu - jalan selamat. tapi mmg pun, siap ada mamt opis baru suh i putus tunang ..gilosss!!)

  5. salzahari,
    perigi, x perigi... pedulik hapa kan?

    kang jadi paip air pun tapi xde air... x guna gak. hahaha.

    mmg hampeh je kan ex-ex dulu. cakapa berapi, tapi seduit x guna. tooot...tooot...!@*(&*&%^&*&(.

  6. gone with the days perigi cari timba, kan? i dulu pun make the first move jugak :P kenal bulan 7, tunang bulan 8 kawin february tahun slps tu. total = 7 months aje!

    after 3 yrs of marriage, baru dapat Idris :P see, kalau lambat kawin ntah tahun keberapa nak dapat anak :)

  7. puteri nuur,
    kalo menongkat langit tunggu jantan x guna...jgnkan anak, berlaki pun x tentu. hahaha


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