Saturday, June 27, 2009

HOTMAMA contest

Hey babes! Many of us have claimed that we are HOT MAMAS... but when it comes to our round, tired face, with an 'air-bag'... would we still look hot? C'mon, let's put up an entry for the contest organized by MummyQis!!!

I myself found that I didn't act much in front of the camera when Li'l Cikebum was still in my tummy (womb, I mean)... and I regret it! I doubt that MummyQis would consider pix of unnoticeable bulge in early pregnancy.

So, I browsed the folders of the third trimester to make sure the lump is big enough to draw the attention. These are amongst the pix of the fat-bulous me during my 6th month of pregnancy.

It was during our 3rd honeymoon (delayed due to monsoon season) and I was so keen to go snorkelling at Perhentian Island like I used to during my single years.

My eldest sister said to me... "Hang pi la... nanti ikan tu gigit perut hang!!!" (Elehh..jeles la tu!)

Hmmm...apparently the bulge was not too big, eh? What to do? I was helplessly skinny before I was pregnant! 43.5kg!

But throughout the 9 beautiful months, I succesfully gained 20kg! Yay! Hahaha.

I was a bit worried to think what if I don't shrink after delivery? Yet that was just a waste of time to think of. I am now back to my thin (but not slender anymore) figure.

To those who have seen me or my pix before and after would agree that my initial build is okay. And hey... I feel womanly too! *wink*
On how-to-join-the-contest too?

1. Be one of Mummy Qis' follower
2. Add the banner on your blog sidebar
3. Post a special entry for the contest and include the picture of mummy & the tummy
4. link ur blog to mummy qis'
5. Leave a comment once everything is done.

To MummyQis...thanks for organizing. Moga dapat banyak pahala drp telekung yg dihadiahkan. Amin...


  1. ngee :P

    ada lagi gmbr lain, tapi seksi sgt. kang ada pulak yg bukak khutbah kat blog ni. hehehe

  2. perghh 20 kg..
    yan 10kg tak smpai..
    sebab kurus kot tu yg melambak2..

    tp tgk pada gambo ni mmg sesuai sangat jdi hotmama.. hehe

  3. hi, salam perkenalan.. sgt comet perut u time preggy.. saya masa lepas bsalin smpai la ni sama je, takde perubahan huhuu.. kalau dpt body lama sgt le untung

  4. wow!surely howt mama!i likee..
    nak join gakkk!woohoo

  5. Yan,
    20kg pun, badan x kembang sgt. tapi muka kembang tu memang xleh sorok la.haha.
    keciknye perut yan!

    tu kena bsalin lg sekali tu. baru re-set the system. kihkihkih.

    Segalanya di sini,
    skrg ni ada le isi skit. kalo skrg org ckp i kurus kering, dia patut tgk i sblm kawin... mcm cicak kubin!

    Cintaku sayangmu,
    thanks! err..leh menang x? hehehe.
    kalo x menang pun xpe. cuma i excited tkenangkan hadiah tu....

    jom jom...bagi organizer pening kepala.hehe

  6. wahh..kita sama la kiut time pegnant. time pegnant je la leh haraop gemuks! tu pun gemuks muka..

    emm..x sure nak masuk tak contest ni sbb tade gmbr kot sgt!

  7. korek la cari, salzahari.
    i pun dulu x byk amik gmbr. tu pun kbtln sbb vacation.

  8. babe..
    u pun HOT gaks..harus berentap kite nie.. haha..(prasan HOT gaks)..

    well, i dlu byk naik tang pewot gaks..b4 preggie 34.5kg.. ms preggie up to 52kg.. now, maintain 35.5kg wpun i mkn byk giloss (kul 10 mlm pun leh slumberr mkn nasik lg)..


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