Friday, June 26, 2009

Puzzle answered

This entry might be offensive to some readers. But bear in mind... this is MY page!

Last fortnight, I was in dilemma whether or not to conceive... that I posted an entry --> here.

And I got an overwhelming moral support from friends like Salzahari, Mamamarina, Haida Hussin, Mama Pasha, Yan, Intan, E-car nazrin, MamaEsya, Oya, Suealeen, Kakyong, Oyis. Thanks, babes!

It made me relieved on realizing that everything will just flow by itself, thence started consoling myself to just leave it to Him whilst trying to control my temper at the same time (macam le control sangat!!!).

A week later (last Saturday, that is) I was surprised to discover that I was visited by that close friend of mine after a good quiet 20 months. Hahaha! Yes, I had my menses again! The last time I had it was after giving birth to the munchkin... and since then, I had no excuses not to perform prayers.

Funny that within the 20 months, I have never had lazy to perform solat... unlike those younger days, when once in a while, I would be automatically slothful when it's almost time to get 'it'.

It was a haywire as I haven't brought any pads with me and I almost forgot how it felt like to have it. To make things worse, the heavy flow caused leakages several times and I was blur... like the first time having it. Ish..ish..ish...

Some people might come I never had it for such a long time. Oh well... it's bcoz I have been breastfeeding the little munchkin since the first day he was born until today. So, in three months time (that he'll reach two), I'll get my PhD in breastfeeding! Hehehe...

(hnss..hnss...-controlling the diameter of nostrils)

I pray that I can provide him with the love feeding till then... (as I realize the yield is decreasing lately).

On a lighter note, this catamenia I'm having I take as a guide from Him for us to re-plan for the future whether or not to have an addition to the family.

Thank u, Allah! U definitely knows the best for us...


  1. wow 20 months!! first time denga..plg lama saya denga org tak period sbb bf is 9 months..

  2. salam...masa iela BF Badrul, iela tak dtg period until he stop BF at 1 year and 6 it normal sayang...dont worry...utk Baby Qis nie, tak taw lagi...but rasanya posa taun nie penuh kot...

  3. farah,
    i dulu pun dgr org ckp ada possibility x period, mcm pelik pun ada. but when it happens 2 me...xpelik dah la.
    instead, jadi pelik bile dtg period lak.haha.

    last year i puasa penuh. elok la...puas qada puasa sbb tahun sblm tu bsalin masa 6 ramadhan!!!

  4. Isabelle, same here la...I'm looking forward to puasa penuh this yr again...:)

    Congrats! He does know the right time...

  5. reitak,
    thanks. He definitely does.

    anyway, i doubt this year i can complete 1 mth puasa. unless i am pregnant again. hahaha.

  6. untung nya 20 bulan. i fully bf my aisyah, x pernah campur pon, a week after nifas kering dtg darah merah byk semula. puzzled, i went to my gynae, dia ckp period, so tgk la next month how, dtg tetap ke x. x puas ati, i jumpa lactationist, dia ckp ada je org yg fully bf n pumping at work, tp dtg on the dot.

    sebulan slps tu, dtg lg red flag. and dah tetap sampai hari ni. sungguh memajukan industri kotex. huh...

  7. Seronoknya u free for 20 months! Intan punya "bes fren" pon still tak mai lagi since gave birth to Arissa. Hope boleh pecah rekod 24 months...he he he.

    Insya'Allah tak lama lagi "lekat" lah mummy sorang nie dan adam pun akan ada kawan tuk main2...yeeehaaa!


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