Thursday, June 11, 2009

PTK..must get 5 over 4! :P

This week, I have been damn bz... preparing myself with assignments and presentations for the PTK I am attending @ Puncak Alam.

Hence, no blog updates!
(Whoa... propa sungguh!)

Bcoz I refused to stay in the hostel provided, I have to drive a good 25km every morning, and another 25km back home.
Yet, so's worthy!
Apparently, my audience are all supportive when it's my turn to talk in front of the crowd (crowd la sgt... 21 org je!) :P

I have finished presenting 4 of the tasks. Tomorrow is the time for the research proposal presentation. I hope the fussy panels won't ask too many questions...

Wish me luck! ;)


  1. all da best~
    pasni ley coti-coti zooom malaysia la ye...


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