Thursday, June 4, 2009

Mamatisya's Father's Day Contest

Actually I have been bz lately, preparing myself for the upoming course next week. No point to write about the normal chores. And since it's the contest season! (one after another... ) let's post an entry for the Father's Day C ontest by MamaTisya...

I just realized few days ago that the banner very much like the banner for the contest I am organizing. Hahaha. Lawak le pulak! Anyway...

Child's name: Adam Zuhair
Daddy's name: Sham
Child's age : 20 months
Caption: The pix was taken recently, when Ayah put in his finger into Cikebum's mouth and he bit it! He just knows how to tease people!
Plan for Father's Day:
Basically, we would be in Penang by then (visiting my practical training students). So, it could be a small celebration, fine dining... (is that possible with that little monster?)
Aaa... might also spend the nite in a hotel. Aisey... x surprise dah la ni. Hohoho... Okay x, Ayah? Kita pi Pulau Jerejak or Pulau Sayak, nak?


  1. Amboiii nampak cheeky nyeeee adam dalm picture nie :)

  2. he is really cheeky, mate ;)
    in an adorable way, that is :P

    ur baby is about the same. geram tengok pipi dia

  3. pulau sayak..pulau sayak!
    iman suka mee udang besaQ.
    pulau jerjak? try la steamboat kat sana....dik na kata best

  4. wei...jom kita pi sama2.
    sham ckp nak pi dgn hampa.

  5. isabelle..cuba tgk betul2..ada gmbr your son dlm senarai yg layak tu...

  6. sila tgk kt link ni baris ke dua di petak pertama gmbr adam&daddy


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