Monday, June 15, 2009

Get-2-gether gather

As expected, most bloggers I know/linked on links will post entries about the same event they attended. So, here I am...

It was barely 8.30am and the sun has just peeked out of the horizon, but about 15 couples with kids were already in a spot of the Shah Alam Lake Garden, without track suits and sportswear. Yes, all of them were nowhere close to briskwalking around the lake. Instead, all were gathered to pump in some calories and mingle with newfound friends in the blogsphere.

It was the most-awaited MySuperKids' get-2-gather-gather potluck picnic. Yay! I'm glad I turned up and happier than MrHubby knows to socialize well, unlike some kera sumbangs I know :P

As u could see in the piccas, there's a wide spread of food...

...not to forget, MamaPasha's brownies leper. Qeqeqeqe... :P

This cake looks yummy, but I just got a bite (buat syarat, before leaving)

Adam eyeing the Thomas in Pasha's hand (he's so into things that Pasha likes). Jangan kau ngorat awek Pasha esok2 dah la ye?

Look at how he practice diplomacy... (Minta dekat auntie, mesti auntie bagi ni)I wonder, later before asking for a girl's hand for marriage, he might build a rappo with the potential in-laws first before courting the girl. Hahaha... Mana dia belajar ni, Ayah?

Well, amongst those who made it happen yesterday were...

MommyLyna (the organizer musti la datang!). Ur face & ur hubby's are very similar, mate! Serious!

Watie, Saiful & Qarissa

Suria, Abg Amir & Ammar (he's damn cute!)

Sya, Yassir & Darwisy

Kak Ana & family (x sempat sembang sakan)

The photographer & family being photographed

P-na, Baien & Oja

Diah, Bear & Pasha

Azza, Moro & Azzamoro junior

Farah, Asri & their little one (yg tido tengah2 panas tu)

etc. etc...
There were many more actually, but I was too excited that I stopped taking pix after that. Hahaha :D

Another pix of the adorable Ammar
"Fuiyooo!!! kasut dia!" (when he saw Adam's shoes)

The daddies filling in the forms for the games.Aiii...Bear?! Siap garu-garu kepala lagi?

In the games, after the forms are filled, they will randomly pick and read the info and the wife (who thinks it's about her) should admit it.

It was so funny when MommyLyna read out the details loud, saying that...

The things that the wife likes most are... "Too many: food, pix, shoes, scarves"

It was even hilarious when the wife's ambition when she was small was said to be a "dancer."
I couldn't stop gagging. Fuiyooo!!! Nak jadi penari tuuu...Sape la tu?

But suddenly, I was dumbfounded and stopped laughing when she read "The film that made your wife cries: The Terminal"
(I was like... "Alamak!")


"The first place u went out on a date : Burger King, MidValley."

Hampess betul. Ada ke lakiku kata aku nak jadi penari? This must be due to my childhood story (I'll write about it some time later)

P-na & me...the winner of the games Rebut Kawan. Hahaha...Maintainnn!!! Mana buleh mak x menang!

Anyway, I had so much fun, notwithstanding Adam's crankiness every now and then. (Nape dia cranky ekkk????)

Apologies for being unable to chitchat with all of u...including LittleMama (MomBloggersPlanet).

And I'd like to laud MSK’s efforts in bringing the bloggers together.

Thanks, MommyLyna

Rooms for imporvement include

-Hailer for the organizer (kesian Mommy Lyna yg kecik tu kena jerit2)

-Sweet yet happening music blaring from the speakers thruout the session

-Attractive prizes for games won (that'll have to dig for more sponsors then)

-Prize-changing amongst bloggers (just a cheap one will do)


  1. isabelle, next time kita sembang ya!

  2. jadi penari tu paling tak tahan okehhhh.... wahhahahah... tolong menari yek for our next gathering. kira sponsor persembahan lah.....

  3. hmm, rasanya ramai babies yang cranky.. termasuklah darwisy.. sebab kena bangun awal kut... :P

  4. littlemama,
    bila la tu ye?

    nice meeting u too.tapi kena sembang byk lg.

    kalo i menari, kena ada partner. so, u'll be my partner ekk? hehehe

    tapi cranky adam melarat smpi malam :(

  5. haha kantoi..bab nak jadi penari tu...anyway mmg sesuai la ngan karekter you mama yg vogue :D

  6. farah,
    tu ada cite di sebaliknya tu...

    nanti2 la i post entry ttg tu.

  7. huhu!! nk mintak petua slim melim bole?? nice meeting u..

  8. hi salam kenalan to u...
    and nice meeting u at MSK gathering tak sempat nak beramah mesra maklum lah dtg lmbt tersegan2lak asyik hi hi and senyum2 je next time kita jumpa lagik!!! ;)

  9. 3 of us,
    petua selim? aiyarkkk!!!
    i ni kuat mkn. tapi sbb kejar anak kot, tu yg isi2 tu abis luak kot :P

    nice meeting u 2.
    i pun semalam malu2 tenuk. skrg rasa mcm rugi pulak. hahaha :P

  10. syokknye bergeder2..lenkali nk join gak bleyyy??? ;p

  11. tu la...
    len kali, dtg la ye?
    syok tau ktorg gedix2. hohohoho.

    p/s: dah dpt lum pa&ma yg dicari?

  12. sgt eppi dpt kenal awk.. de very peramah okies~x rugi join dpt kenal ramai lg geng...

    Is org penang ka? dgr sleng cam sana jer.. P-na SP...

    dah add link kamu...

  13. betoi la tu, p-na.
    chek org penang!
    la...awat x habaq awai2? kita siap cakap KL lagi (poyo kan?) hahaha.

  14. singgah di rumahku jua :P
    hari tu sampai lewat ;)

  15. dah LOST dah ni ...saya dah dtg ke blom ya?ohh belom...

  16. putri nuur...
    alahai kesiannya dia, smpi sesat barat ye? huhuhu

    tu la..byk sgt kan? naik tingtong visit sana sini.

  17. WOW..syoknye..nape weols tak tau??farah pun ada...

    tis coming 28th pun ada gathering gak kat ttwangsa..jom la join, bleh get to know each other better!woohoo


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