Thursday, June 18, 2009

MOBS & Alicewonders Giveaway-win a bag of your choice!

Whether it is related to Father's Day or not, there's plenty of contests nowadays. It's just the matter of time, to blog about it. This time, I'm not gonna lose the opportunity offered by MOB & Alicewonders. Thanks a lot, guys!

Ermmm...just look at this Thavasa Red Patent Satchel!

It's gorgeous, isn't it? *drool...drool*

"Me need a bag because I seem to stick to the same typical style of handbags and this rouge, red satchel would bring out the best in me, as its practicality doesn't compromise on style. Nothing like a big dose of bright red to catch some eyes and make a statement!"

Well, I used to feel unsure of styling a vibrant colour bag to match my outfits, but with this bag, I doubt I'd still feel the same. Hehehe

My email adress is :

Wanna know more about the contest? Click here.
I'm off to enjoy the eye-candies at the MOBS's website! hehe...

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