Friday, June 12, 2009

PTK3's over

Hurray! The PTK is over!!! We finished all presentations one day earlier than scheduled, hence tomorrow I don't have to drive to Puncak Alam again! But that also means that I'll have to wait for a few more months to meet my dear friends again- Kay, Kay Dora, Yan, Kak Dahlia, Kak Noni, etc. I really enjoy your companies, babes!

And what's more important, I have given my best shots in all assignments & presentations. I heard the marks for all presentations I did were of the highest range! Syoknye! Ada chance dapat 4, 4 nih... esp. bcoz the sifu, DrTan also got 4, 4. Aminnn...

Now, I am looking fwd to attending the MySuperkids gathering this Sunday.

Since it is just near my place, I have no excuse not to make it... Hence, I'll be there! Ermmm.... pot luck? Seems like the pot won't be so lucky. I'll just bring something simple perhaps.

Who else will be? Please let me know!!! I'm excited to meet new friends!

The banner to look for at the venue...


  1. I pulak terjah blog u. thanks 4 drop by kat blog i. Insyallah jumpa ahad ni...

  2. salam IS..
    akak baru je balik dr Sabah..ada konferensi dan bentang 2 paper kat UMS..balik je dr PTK sbtu tu..ahad terbang balik..

    kalu pi kuching,,contact akak k..


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