Friday, June 26, 2009

OKINOKIYO giveaway

Sling bag by OKINOKIYO! Yay!

How to try your luck? U don't need a horse shoe... just click to and

1. Copy the image to your blog.
2. Make an entry of
i)why you should win the bag and
ii)why you like the okinokiyo blog.
3.Mention in that entry
4.Drop a comment to notify and the link back for the owner to review.

Guess what? It has been so long since I bought a sling bag for myself-- that was when I was in my undergrad years. Wanna have a look? Aiyarkkk..malu maaa...
Okaylah...for the sake of the contest (as evidence) u go...





To cover its selekeh-ness and distract people from staring at the antique sling bag, I sometimes put on an oversized Teddy. Cover babe, jangan tak cover....Hahaha.

As u could see, it's very old it's ancient! And doesn't suit my personality anymore.

I hardly carry sling bags nowadays, except for when attending sports events, going on field trips with students and such... (well, takkan nak bergaya dengan handbag pulak kan?)

But deep inside my heart, I love it bcoz
1. it makes u look relaxed and
2. the most important thing is... it has less tendencies to be snatched as it slings around the body! Selamat!!!
That's why I am looking for a suitable one now, to be brought while travelling to Bandung next month.

So far, my survey has brought me to disappointment, as most sling bags are typically designed with dull colours.
But hey, Okinokiyo has brought me to look at sling bags from another perspective now. With beautiful prints on high quality fabrics, it's hard to say no!!!

Have a look at this... it's gorgeous, isn't it?
So, Okinokiyo...if I don't get the sling bag...I have two choices:-
1. to buy it from u (if I were rich enough---eheks!) from other places (u wouldn't want this, would u?)
2. to proceed carying my shabby, worn & torn ancient bag..huhu. Sedih kan? :P

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  1. Hi Isabelle,
    Thanks for joining my giveaway.Will announce the winner in my blog anytime soon yerrr :)


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