Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Dump your shampoo and use dishwashing liquid instead!

You don't have to study chemistry or health like I do to know this.
It's not the Sodium Laureth Sulfate, nor the Paraben that is an issue here.

You see, this is why some people gain weight without noticing it. We wash our hair with the shampoo and it runs down our body.

The next moment, we start to complain

"Alamak... dah gemuk la! Tidaaaakkk."

Obviously it is printed on the label.
 "For extra BODY and VOLUME."

Terang, jelas lagi nyata. Macam izhar halqi.

Okay. Now... let's get rid of all shampoo and  switch to dishwashing liquid.

Tak kira la Sunlight ke, Glo ke, Axion ke...
As long as the label reads 
"DISSOLVES FAT that is otherwise difficult to remove."

Apparently it pays to read warning labels, kannn?

Maka, marilah mandi dengan sabun cuci pinggan.

Pesanan khidmat masyarakat ini dibawakan secara main-main oleh Isabelle...frankly.
Sila klik iklan Nuffnang kat atas tu kalo korang tersenyum membacanye.


  1. abes la pencuci pinggan lepas ni dah la 3.90 ajer jenama tesco tu.keh keh keh

    kalau syampoo pantene, 19.90 :p

  2. Keh3. Aku akn maintain bershampoo sbb aku nk yg EXTRA BODY AND VOLUME tu!

  3. Is,i pernah baca dishwashing liquid is better at removing hair grease than shampoo, especially kalo tgh pregnant (due to the excessive hormones). the tip has been around on the internet, especially pregnant mums forum boards, so i thought you were serious tau. dah baca hujung2 baru tau u were kidding hehe (but try it, people have sworn by it, honest!)

  4. hehehe. It's okay I don't mind abt having the extras on my body.


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