Saturday, August 27, 2011

Lil Adam's own bento (food art)

Influenced by what he saw on the telly, he asked me to make a 'polar bear'... as shown on BabyTV.

So this morning, I prepared and helped him made....err...

Does it look like a polar bear??? :P

We added some scrambled eggs and he decorated it into God-knows-what.

But hey, it looks yummy kan?

And another one was a tortoise (iyelah tu)...

Ntahapahapalah anak bujang aku ni

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  1. anak dah besaq..mcm tuu laa gayanyaa...good boy..makan jangan tak makan..hihihihii...selamat hari raya belle...

  2. hahaha layan gak mak dia :) sib baik AIR1 blum mintak lagi ;p

  3. creative betul....otak dia tgh ligat berimaginasi

  4. otak ligat tu . creative betul


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