Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Mismatch..ideas please!

Hey peeps!
Remember when I asked for some suggestions for the dinner theme here?

Well, it's been decided that the theme will be Fashion Disaster: Mismatch!
Hahaha. I was the one who dared the committee to pick it.

But now, errr...what should I wear eh?

Should I wear something like this? (minus the dog)

or simply go crazee like this?

And oh..bcoz I wear tudung, I cant go Lady-Gaga-ga-ga with a big bun like this. Tak sesuwei la.

So, should I have something like this?

Tudung gak kan? Kihkihkih

Tolong bagi idea ehhh...Thanks in advance!


  1. yg ct punyer style tu mmg x bleh blah..sanggup dia letak mende alah tu atas kepala dia..hehe

  2. go bold! make a statement with a mixture of bright colours! i suggest u wear a cute bubble dress with tights and match with a pair of wedge/platform heels. and oh, big costume jewellery too (shades.. chunky chic necklace etc etc.)! as for tudung, pakai scarf yang leh pintal2 kat atas kepala tu.. make-up pulak i recommend subtle smokey eye make-up to enhance your overal style that night

    just my 2 cents.. amacam ada berani tak? hehe

    p/s: gaya ct tu nak dah ala2 astronout helmet lak! lol

  3. apash,
    hahaha. ada chance tak dpt prom queen kalo i pakai mcm tu?

    TQ for the idea. tapi mcm x mismatch pun, mcm lawa pulak rasanya. hahaha

  4. oooh cool idea for a theme la :)

  5. reitak,
    tapi xleh melaram-laram la. any idea on what to wear?

  6. babe! serious ke ct pakai camtuh??hahahaha!!!!! erm, pakailah colorful outfit! hahahahaha!!!!!

  7. fizamior,
    org super-impose je tu gmbr dia..sbb pakai tudung main2. hehehe.

  8. mismatching colours lawa ke? lol i can totally picture u wearing different bold colours tau! warna-warni!

  9. mismatch color = too common n too easy.

    try mismatch the materials eg leather n lace ke, suede wit labuci, different prints etc.
    dont forget to mismatch the accessories.

    eiii just talking bout it pun dh rasa seram~

  10. white shirt, purple pants, yellow handbag, pink shoes! sure menang best-dressed punya hahaha

  11. hi im back hehehe... pic last sekali tu ok gak, nampak kreatif... siapa lah punya idea agaknya... ekekek...

  12. ok ok how bout this.. dress.. striped long sleeves inside.. matched with tudung ala2 arab tu with purdah.. knee-length stockings.. a pair of sneakers.. a backpack.. and accessorise with mismatched earrings.. adoi x dpt nak bayangkan haha

  13. ekekek better u try tudung saji dato tu beb!!

  14. adihana,
    yes, mismatch colour mmg biasa. tapi sbb org sains x alert in detail ttg mismatch leather & lace, etc...maybe kena campur2 la gak.

    drama mama,
    will try to find the mismatch items u said. tq.

    lady of leisure,
    hi...welcome back.
    itu kes org pedajal la tu.

    great! i should try it.ada gaya org sewel dah tu ;)

    harus la mak x kuar karaoke kat dpn kalo camtu.hehe


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