Thursday, March 18, 2010

What men find sexy in women?

Okay, since tonite is malam Jumaat, let's talk about something mushy and amorous.

I bet some of u have heard men saying "Wah! Sexynya dia!" whilst ur eyes might not agree to that statement.

Sexy is not merely revealing more skin (kalo b*gel terus pun, tak sexy!) and some people can 'see' the sexiness of a woman in baju kurung too! Thus, when I heard people bitching about me being so-called-sexy, I am fully against it. It is subjective, mehh... Kalo mata tu asyik pandang 'kat situ' dan kepala tu asyik fikir 'yang itu'...pakai apa pun, semua nak kata sexy!

So, have u ever wondered what oozes a man's allure when they see a hot woman?

Amongst the things that is considered sexy to the male brain are...

1. Dress

The skimpiest dress however might not look sultry on all women. It might look nice on me, but not on u... or vice versa. So, the key is the dress that highlights your best body parts.

I myself do not have a gorgeous figure. But I know my leher is jinjang! Jinjang ye, bukan panjang! Cewah! :P So, I never looked like Jeslina-Hashim-leher-pendek-pakai-turtle-neck. Kweng kweng kwenggg.

2. Lingerie

This one is undeniably true. Whether it's lace, cotton or silk, make sure the bras and undies match. I think it's a turn off to put on red bras with yellow panties, so men might think the same too!

So, granny panties is a no-no!!! I remember being so reluctant to switch to maternity undies while my tummy was already big!

Whether bought by the husband or the wife, it's not the price that matters. It's the hidden romance behind it!

Jangan la fikir..."Alaa...pakai kat dalam, sapa je yang nampak?"

3. Confidence

Surprisingly, guys also consider a quality that has nothing to do with beauty or looks too- confidence!

An average-looking woman might have that attraction without doing anything outrageous (gedix). Just by standing tall, smiling, laughing and making eye contact (bukan kenyit mata ye) while speaking to others... we can be sexy to the men!

So, ladies...we just have to do things that show a genuine interest in the people around us and more welcoming.

4. Hair

Straight or wavy, blown dry or rumpled, men prefer the women's hair to be long. Ala-ala boleh dibelai manja gitu! Long locks reflect a sensual woman, but nowadays some guys like it short too.

I love my hair long, but short hair makes me look chic! (at this age, this is very important!)

Kalo rambut panjang, make sure it is tidy and not messy or u'd just scare ur husbands off tonite (mesti dia ingat mak lampir!) So, at any lengths, just make sure rambut tak bau busuk ye?

5. High heels

We ladies love looking at our shoe collection, but there's actually more than that.
I found in a web that stilettos sets the body posture a bit fwd, lifts up our bums by 25% with an arch of the back. Hence, the br*asts stand at attention, the calves are sorta elongated, making the hips to sway seductively when she walks. Woohoo!!!

Okay kawan-kawan..lepas ni no more Crocs or slippers. Esok bawak students masuk hutan pun I nak pakai heels la...hehe :P

Anyway....I hardly feel I am physically sexy (Yuck! ptuih!)... okay..okay..the only time I felt sexy, prolly when my b**bs kinda 'swollen' masa awal2 BF Lil Adam dulu. Ngeee :P

p/s: Alaa..orang kalo dah sexy, pakai apa pun sexy kan?


  1. wahahahahahaha!!!! serius babe, i pun dulu time breast swoolen tu mmg nampak sexy giler ahh..kalah pamela anderson...hakhakhak!!!!!!!!

  2. fizamior,
    masa tu la nak feeling2 lebih bila pakai lingerie kan? hehe

  3. i selalu rasa i sexy bila i bertutup dari terbuka..lebih-lebih lagi when im wearing my skinny jeans with my 3inch black-sandal,xkira la dgn blouse or kemeja or shirt..

    tp bila dgn huby i akan rs sexy when im wearing simple/sexy lingerie..mayb sbb my big boobs & bum kut..hrrmmmm~~

  4. saya ni aneh sikit kut...
    serius, sebab saiz yang atas ni lain sikit, memang terpaksa berusahalah menutupnya... tak larat kang anak murid duk tenung2 kat situ.. tapi, depan husband, memang sengaja nak ditayang-tayangkan... nak lagi seksi, pakai bra yang kecik sikit biar nampak nak tersembul... hehehe..

    mungkin satu hari terpaksa tutup labuh2 kut... :P

  5. mamanoa,
    bestnya ada big boobs!

    hehe..betul tu.kang tsilap pakai, students nmpk tekun je 'belajar'. hehehe

  6. Oh yes...masa awal2 bf tu memang rasa sexy but not when its engorged... ;p

    But somehow I find being preggers pun sexy :)

  7. reitak,
    absolutely! with the big tummy, i feel it's cute!

  8. isabelle...u memang seksi tau! *winkwink*
    me?harus ikut petua u nih tuk jadik seksi hehehehe

  9. okeh, mlm ni naka pakai set warna biru la kat dalam tu...amacam, seksi x? ehehhe *gedix btoi i nih*

  10. tang rambut tu i sangat agree.. tengah berusaha simpan rambut panjang ni hehehe...

  11. i badan kecik, so semua pon kecik.. kekekeke. tp ttp sexy jugak kan.. ? i suka masa preggy, rasa sgt sexy.. baru ni i ada baca article, matching your lingerie ngan baju boleh naikkan your confident level. so, bukan setakat matching bra penties je yer.. :)

  12. hm..tetiba terpk nk pakai sexy mautla malam ni.kekekeke

  13. isabelle, i suka all of ur entries. byk knowledge. now, duk sibuk baca previous entries..tertinggal keretapi :P

    abt this topic, i suka no. 3, confidence. i noticed my female colleagues bila buat presentation, they were just wearing simple suits (of course with heels), but bila present tu, nampak sexy especially bila presenting sambil senyum.

  14. i paling suka no 5.. heels sgt penting for women.. tak kira la whatever jenis pun, wajib utk tampak lebih seksi! ;)

    psstt.. agaknya dalam bedroom pakai killer heels ok tak? hihi

  15. munira,
    ye ke i sexy? wahahaha...(blush)

    yatie chomeyl,
    kaler apa pun boleh..tapi jgn kaler yg hubs x suka ler.

    betul tu...kalo pakai baju merah, tapi kat dlm tu kaler kuning, ish..mesti mcm x kena je rasa.

    lin muhamad,

    thanks for ur support ;)enjoy reading eh?
    i agree with u, yg confidence tu. so i pelik tgk some students pakai selebet je utk presentations.

    whoa!!! pakai heels in bedroom? not a good idea, i reckon. susah nak buat foot job. wakakaka...
    lagipun, kang tercucuk dgn tumit tajam tu, satu hal pulak :P

  16. i rase i seksi bile ngan hubby je heheeh


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