Monday, March 15, 2010

Byzura Razali giveaway

Byzura Razali dengan murah hatinya nak buat giveaway sempena birthday blog dia 24 April nie. Best tau...Cuba tengok apa dia nak bagi...

A. Power Rangers Solaris Knight Gear

B. High Speed Racing Track Starter Set

C. Girl's Favorite Fashion Beauty Set

D. Daintiness Foodstuff Piano
Either one la ye... Jangan nak demand semua pulak!!!

Just follow these steps:

1. Link her blog to your bloglist,
2. Leave a comment in below format:

Choice : if you are the lucky reader, which toy that you want? A,B,C or D?
Nickname : ??
Blog url : ??

e.g: D/Isabelle/

3. Finally, put the above banner on the sidebar and link back this entry..

Takyah buat entry pun mcm nie. Saja je mak gatal nak announce kat kawan-kawan.

p/s: Untuk top referral ada mystery gift tau...but it's not a toy. Err..duit ke Byzura?

So, what else are u waiting for? Join ler.

1 comment:

  1. errrr... i nak yang piano tu leh dak...
    *kekecik dulu i tak puas main hehe


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