Thursday, March 4, 2010

Bila anak dara di labour room...

Well, the title actually is more on the series of "When I was a...." like what I blogged before. This time is about "When I was a Clinic Assistant"

I am glad to admit that I have done various jobs throughout my life, ranging from the ones in my field (science) to something that is out of the circle.
One of the jobs is a clinic assistant of a private maternity clinic (klinik bersalin). Let's keep the clinic's name anonymous, but I'd love to share some of my experience working there.

I started working there immediately after completing my first degree. In fact by then, I havent yet submitted my thesis.

The job didn't require a high qualification and I always know where I stand. So, it was normal for me to start with the mopping/ toilet cleaning before I worked at the counter and helped in the labour room. But there was one annoying spinster who kept badmouthing me to the doctor, saying that I refused to do those janitorial work bcoz I have a good qualification. Macam si*l kan? To make things worse, the doctor believed whatever she said.

Okay, let's move on to a more interesting part.
I loved lending a helping hand in the labour room and after the moms gave birth.

I hated/pitied seeing mak buyungs going for their monthly check-ups alone, as I felt their husbands were not caring enough to accompany. Thus, I always had MrHubby by my side everytime I went for my monthly check-ups.

In the labour room

  • Some pregnant moms would ask me about how do I feel, for I might seem to young to witness all the processes.Keep in mind...I was still unmarried by then.

  • I learned the do's and dont's in labouring and I taught my housemates (bygkan la semua anak dara kat rumah tu mcm tengah attend antenatal class. haha), but when the real time came for me to push Lil Adam out, I forgot everything. What I knew was "I want this baby out NOW!!!"

  • I hate seeing hubbies who refused to enter the labour room. Buat anak, pandai. Time sakit, xnak tolong bagi moral support kat bini!

  • Seeing those private parts was like "Oooo...there are various shapes and colours! I never knew that!" Hehehe

Immediately after the birth

After a few mins/hours struggling in the room, I'd clean the babies and the curious daddies would eagerly wait behind the glass windows. Some might ask, what was I doing?

Amongst the things I did were
  • -cleaning the white layers at the folds (knees, elbows, hair, etc)
  • -measuring the height & head circumference.
  • -bathing the baby and put the diaper/ clothes on
  • -put a tag on the wrist and wrap him/her tightly (bedung)
  • -put the baby in the little bed and hand him to the excited dad

Speaking of the white layer, I realize there were babies born with very little layer, whilst some had too much that it took about 15mins to be cleaned. Perhaps, drinking coconut juice (ayaq nyoq) could really help.

Another thing I realized was the toughness of the uri. I once had an Indonesian mom giving birth, and hers was a bit greenish and macam-nak-hancur-lunyai. Prolly bcoz she only consume on jamus, instead of the prescribed meds.

I love seeing the dad who would immediately perform ablution and ask for the qiblat (nak buat sujud syukur la tu).
Then, when the mom is done with stitching, I'd strol her to the room and start preparing a light meal for her.

Besides the toast, hot Milo and some meds, I'd also give a spoonful of honey and some Zamzam water.
The blur parents might ask "What are these for?"
But if it is not their first child, they usually knew it's the first food to give to the newborn (not to mention the breast milk).

It is normal for private clinics to let the nurses/midwives look after the babies as the aim is to let the mom gets enough rest. Hence, giving formula is normal.
In govt hospitals, breastfeeding is encouraged, therefore the babies are put next to the moms.I myself had difficulties comforting Lil Adam with me feeling uncomfortable with the after-birth blood.

Unfortunately, I didn't work there long. I might have nursed 50 babies throughout the duration, but I quit bcoz I didn't like the doctor.

Despite being so pious (with purdah, whatnot), she believed everything when the spinster dragged me through the mud. So, I gave her a 24hour notice bcoz I got a much better job. So, that's it.

I never returned to the clinic (even just to say hello), what more to have myself in the labour room, with my private part observed by someone I knew. Haha


  1. Wah, by the time it was ur turn, handling your newborn was not a problem huh? experienced already.

    Oh yes, I used to think that hubbies not accompanying their wives during their check-ups were not giving enough support. But then when it came to my turn, there were times when it was I've stopped thinking that way. hehe

  2. i had 2 cs.. so dua2 hubby takleh tengok. hospital gomen la katakan. for the next baby, harusss la cari private hosp yg allow husband masuk OT.. let my hubby pingsan tengok perut bini dia kena belah. hahaha

    is.. kalo tetiba kena jd 'midwife terjun', sure takde problem punya kan? ;)

  3. reitak,
    uihh..when it comes to anak sendiri, mesti terkial2 jugak cuak..kehkehkeh.

    my hubby joined me in the labour room in Putrajaya Hosp. tapi kalo OT utk CS, i'm not sure dibenarkan ke x.

  4. wah good sharing. 1st hand info & experience nih. Thanks dear!

  5. macam2 ropa nooo..hahaha:D
    yep..i still remember that spinster..

  6. wohoho..ini entry bagus nehh..
    nk print lah! :P


  7. wah masa zmn anak dara lagi u dh terror jaga newborn baby la.

    agree with u bila hubby tak temankan preggy woman tu g check-up rasa kesian sgt. I pun pernah sekali masa mula2 nk cek baby dulu..hubby xdpt ikut since dia dh kat jepun dan i still kat msia. siyes sedih gile g klinik, pastu org2 kat klinik pun tgk2 je smbl wat muka kesian kat i hhuhuhu

  8. wah... x bidan rupanya you ni....

  9. menariknya pengalaman, leh lak diaorg amik assistant tade medical background? (sorry kalau i taktau history u)...
    Tapi kan, kalau i huhhu..pengsan.I yg keja kat hospital ni kalau gi labor room tu mcm i lak tunggu masa,gerun dgr CTG machine tu! whoaa..

  10. Hahahahaha klakar bila u ckp ade pelbagai rupa dan bentuk tu.. Of course dear, org kan lain2 rupe.. Yg bwh tu pun haruslah lain jugeksss... Kihkihkih

  11. momma mia,
    no worries...what we can share, we share.

    dgr kata dah kawin dgn lelaki tua.hehe. maka emosi dah stabil sikit kot.

    rajiah nasir,
    kalo nak free antenatal class, dtg le jumpa nanti. hehe

    haha. i siap mention awal2 kat hubby, xnak check up sorg2, sbb nmpk mcm diabaikan..hehe

    kalo ke'bunting'an u tu dah nak due, i leh bidankan..kehkehkeh

    well, i had industrial training in the lab of HKL before. tapi bukan clinical la.

    hihihi..betoi gak kan.tapi serius tau...mmg lain. esp. kalo yg anak dah ramai, sudah 'kurang lawa di situ'..ngee :P

  12. sudah kurang lawa eh???? hahahaha.. bab org mkn jamu punya uri yg mcm nak hancur lunyai tu betul ker? kenapa ek? jamu tu buat uri tu nipis ek? maknanya xde le bagus mana pun mkn jamu tu kan...
    Belle, nak tnya u duk mana? adam born at Hospital Putrajaya sama cam my Ebby gak la.. Tp rsnyer kalau cz memang hubby xleh msk lah kot hosp gomen.. kalau private biasanya boleh nak bw camera pun xpe...
    U rasa service kt Putrajaya ok x?


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