Monday, March 29, 2010

Lucky charm

Whew! What a busy weekend!
Anyway, I better stop complaining bcoz I enjoyed the biannual dinner with the theme Mismatch last nite.

I won't be blogging about it today..(kasi saspens sikit! Poyo je). Might do it in the nearest time.
Anyway, let's take a peek at what I brought back home...

The wrapped presents are for Lecturer Paling Vogue and Lecturer Paling Mismatch (Queen is the student, hence no other names). <--wah ni musti ada yang jaki dan berkata aku perasan vogue. Teruskan makan hati. Yang senduk paling kanan tu is the lucky draw (not as lucky as others), the green door memo as the door gift and the one on the left... meh kita kasi close-up sikit...

It's for Duet Karaoke tau! Hahaha. Well, bcoz it's a, I had to sing the male verse, and my duo, Imran sang the Mayang Sari's verse of Jangan Pisahkan. It's not a big problem for me, bcoz of my deeeeep low voice. Kweng3x.

So, I consider myself as quite lucky last nite. There are events I attended and went back home empty-handed.

Speaking of lucks... do u believe in lucky charms?
Good-luck charms mean differently to everybody, depending on what you find to be lucky. But it is commonly associated with horseshoe and a four-leaf clover. Why four-leaf? My Korean friend, Kelly who owned one, told me it's hard to find (yang biasa jumpa yang 3-leaf).

Good-luck charms are usually something small you carry around with you (on a necklace, bracelet or keychain) or carried in a bag that closes tightly.

The popular ones are stones (jade, quartz) attached to a piece of string.

Mine is a rose quartz, given by Rebecca, my Taiwanese sidekick.

The pink to the rose color is said to be caused by traces of iron and manganese. The unique color is said to have therapeutic effect for healing emotional conditions..and to bring love close to us.

Well, it was kinda proven. When she gave me & Kelly the 'amulet', we had a great time having affairs of the heart (if u got what I mean).

I don't carry it around though...bcoz I'm afraid if I lose it, that is If the luck is not on my side! Haha

p/s: Isabelle tidak bertanggungjawab kalo ada yang jatuh syirik sebab percaya dengan lucky charms, instead of Qada' & Qadar.


  1. yang hadiah karaoke tu dah macam trofi AF dah aku tengok keke.. boleh cube nasib AF thn depan neh..

  2. azzamoro,
    aku rasa aku la peserta yang terpaksa heret beg masa minggu pertama. kihkihkih

  3. ngeee... i ada dua lucky charm... i suka jer... heehe... cute kan...

  4. wah banyaknya prezzies.. i loike!!~ tahun depan boleh bolot banyak lagi eh isabelle? heee

  5. wohooo..dapat anugerah lecturer plg vouge..cayalah!

  6. wah dpt trofi mr bola2 gitu...untung student u dpt lecturer sporting cenggini eheh

  7. lady,
    u mean arri & molly ke? hehe

    aida ikmal,
    tahun dpn harus la x dpt dah. kang diorg ckp..asyik minah ni je.

    vogue le sgt. merapu je. tapi itu students yg kasi award.bukan i sendiri claim ye.

    yatie chomeyl,
    pasti berjaya...di akademi fantasiaaaa... (feeling masuk AF)

  8. aishhh.. tak sabar nak tgk camne rupa lecturer paling mismatch itu

  9. h4nie,
    hehehe...sgt ler x agak2.
    nnt i post ye.

    jom! eh, tapi kan..mesti suara u sedap giler kan? adoiyai..kalah ler i.

  10. mak aih! banyak hokeh hadiah u dapat. haa part vogue tu i percaya lah, sapa jaki-jaki kat you sure makan hati. muahahaha

    cepat lah letak gambaq nak tengokkkk!!!

  11. ladam kuda (betui ke?) i nmpk kat pintu office bawah. memule pelik then lepas my friend explain abt tu br i paham hehehe


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