Monday, March 8, 2010

Celebrate-often or once in a blue moon?

Along (my eldest sister) celebrates her birthday on 14th May. Her anniversary in May, Mother's Day in May and two of her kids were born on 17th and 18th of the same month too. thus, there's kinda quadruple, quintuple celebration on that fifth month of the year.
Some like it that way... but yours truly? Nahhh...

I like it on different months, so after one month or two, there's always something to celebrate.
Besides, there'll be more presents each year...hehehe (keji tak idea nie?)

  • January 1st - our first dating anniversary
  • February 26th - my birthday
  • March : none so far
  • April : none so far
  • May 2nd Sun- Mother's Day
  • June 3rd Sun- Father's Day
  • July : none so far
  • August 18th - MrHubby's birthday
  • September 18th - Lil Adam's birthday
  • October : none so far
  • November 26th - our wedding anniversary
  • December : none so far

How about u, peeps?
Are you more like me, to cherish the love that often, or u like it once in a longgg time but huge?


  1. prefer one month one event too. more celebration(or at least a small family makan2), more gifts, and at least, we have something that we will wait for each month. i remember back in my parents house , when it come to end of the year, im so excited when we get a new kalender kuda - so that i can hilite those date to be celebrated.. p/s: tau kan kalender kuda??

  2. so far mnth yg paling gile utk i is july!!! hahah tak tau nk celebrated camne this year!!

  3. hhahaa..i suka mcm u jgk. eh,birthday ur hsband dekat2 dgn my husband 16th Aug.

  4. i pun nasib lain2 months. best tau rase macam every month ade something to celebrate. kalau semuanyer dalams atu bulan pening eden...

  5. i have 8 siblings..we were born in different months..well it's good as what u said in ur entry..but for me, prefer one month for the whole events..we rarely see each other.3 in Perlis, 1 in Penang, 1 in Kelantan, 1 in Bangi and left only parents and 2 little sis at home. So, we have to celebrate everyone's birthdays in December in which everyone will be at home.

  6. meh nak add event for october

    21 oct - my birthday
    jangan lupa tau!


  7. I pun suka lain2 bln tapi kan kesian kat my hubby, bday dia sama tarikh dgn tarikh kawin kitaorg. (bukan sengaja sbb our parents tetapkan tarikh tu sbb raya puasa ke-4 thn 2003). selalunya dia dpt hadiah satu je. hehe

  8. i_sofia,
    haha...i ada kalendar kuda!!!
    more events, more pressies..hehe

    july? all celebration in a mth?

    jom celebrate sama2 la.

    betul tu...syok sikit dpt byk hadiah. kihkihkih

    whoaa...bestnya merata tempat!!!i x celebrate bday with siblings and parents, its just my own family.


    temp housewife,
    tu la psl...bila dah tarikh sama. rugi la hadiah sikit.

  9. i suka celebrate jarang2 tp huge kot coz ia aka ras alebih bermakna ceewah

  10. kalo bole laki mcm ur My Bear bole la Is, dia layan ALL the dates u list tuh. kalo tanya my Hubby, bila tarikh kita couple, mau tergaruk2 kepala dia, dah x ingat la tuh.

    anyway, just his luck sbb dia hanya perlu ingat June. June 3rd nikah, June 9th my bday, june 17th aisyah's bday. in his words, 'kita celebrate skali je lah ye semua nih, over one weekend. pastu kalo abg terlupa the exact day pon x pe la hehe'.

    *roll eyes*

  11. me like to celebrate it bila ada occasion on that particular date... tak suka gabung2 nnt dpt hadiah sikitttt jekk...wahahahaha!!!!

  12. ohhh ohh ohhh....
    saya suka celebrate event tiap2 bulan!kalau boley nak diadakan event yang tak ada tiap2 bulan hehehehehehe

  13. my bday, our anniversary and first date semuanya jatuh pada bulan yang sama and it makes me feel like tuan puteri the whole feb.

    but i actually prefer to celebrate one month one event. at least there's something we look forward to do somthing special together. like makan-makan or smalll family gathering.

  14. yatie chomeyl,
    aa...thats the normal reason people give kalo nak celebrate jarang2.

    hahaha. kesian u. u kena belajar ilmu 'buat2 sentap' dgn i nih...confirm ur hubs ingat lps tu.hahaha

    sama le kita. hahaha. alaa..bukan hadiah je, actually we want to cherish it often. takde la mandom je hubungan..

    maka utk bulan2 yg belum ada event, lahirkanlah anak...hehehe. byk tu leh buat pertambahan.:P

    wah wah wah...ada royal treatment in Feb ekk? kalo mcm tu kena create more events la on certain mths.e.g baby lagi dan lagi dan lagi.
    amacam, ok x idea nie?:P


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