Friday, August 28, 2009

The story of Tepung Pelita

Some call it kuih tako, limas, kuih sampan and etc.

But I taught Cikebum that the name of the kuih is "kuih boat"-- after kuih sampan in Malay. Haha. Over tak Mak ngajar English kat anak?

On the second day of Ramadhan, MissBettyone came to break fast together at my place, and she brought some of this sweet dessert.

And Cikebum seems to like it very much. He finished up 3 boats of the kuih!!!

Two probabilities.
1. Bcoz I ate so much tepung pelitas when I was pregnant and during confinement.
2. He just have a sweet tooth like his Mama.

Story 1

Ramadhan last two years, I was very pregnant (mind u, I gave birth on the 6th Ramadhan) and was looking for this kuih.

After browsing a few stalls, I came to one stall...the one and only selling it. So, I asked the guy to pack a few for me. My saliva kinda tak-jadi-nak-drivel-from-my-mouth when the hawker 'dipped' his soiled fingernails in the tepung pelita.

I was stunned. If I were to act like the normal Isabelle, he sure would have to listen to my sermon, or at least my cynical way of saying that I cancel my decision to buy.
Hampeh!!! Hangin pun ada time tu! Kalo x kerana aku pregnant, harus la aku tak jadi beli...

Story 2

Ramadhan somewhat 7 years ago. I was at the kampung of one of my ex-boyfriend. We arrived about 10-15 mins prior to iftar.

Well, as usual... we are required to treat the guests well. Not that I demand to get a royal treatment, but at least berbahasa je la. But as we arrived, his mom heedlessly 'ordered' me to join his sisters to prepare for iftar. And bcoz it didn't really matter to me, I did.

The next day, we (the mom, sisters, me) sat together...making the 'boats' for Tepung Pelita to be sold by the street for iftar.

We used match boxes to get a standard size. So, we were all working hard folding the sides of the banana leaves to make neat boats.

Then, the mom poured in the ingredients and cooked the first batch.
Guess what? Most of the boats turned out empty or at least showed signs of leaking.

And she recklessly said "Ish... Who made these boats? U see... all are leaking!"

Giler ahhh...
Although it might and it might not be me, but being the only girl there who's not her daughter I felt as if I was blamed.

Memang tak aci jaga hati langsung... But then I suspect prolly she couldn't admit that I am attractive. Hahaha. Pompuan-pompuan yang bermadu ni allergic kot dgn pompuan muda yang cantik! (Wallawei...cantik ke haku? Perasan!)

Know why I said so? Bcoz his father married another young lady.
Too bad.

But at least, I am happy now that she is not my MIL. Huahuahua...

Key chains (tagged by P-na)

When I was in Form1, I used to carry a keychain of a comb of bananas wherever I went. It was the key to my locker.

During those alma-mater years too, I collect a lot of key chains. But I decided to stop when I felt it's a never-ending hobby. I'd never be able to collect all the keychains in the world, hence there'll be no satisfaction. (Boleh pulak gitu?)

Anyway, here's a tag by P-na.
  1. Snap a pix of your keychain (of your car keys, house keys, alicia keys la!)
  2. Tell us about the keychains attached to the keys.
  3. Tell us is there is any special memory related to the key chains.

Okay, here we go...

Key chain #1.

U see, I carry a lot of keys at once. This one is keys for the office, drawer, my boss' room... 8 altogether! That doesn't include the car keys (if I send MrHubby to the office and drive the car to mine). No wonder my handbag weighs like a canonball!

Mmm... I have two keychains there. One is the big pinky monster that looks like a dog.

Nothing special. I just wanna have something cute as my keychain. But...err...cute ke? Isn't it oversized? Hehe.

The second one is the silvery steel Aussie keychain.
Although I used to study there, this one is not the one I bought by myself. It was given by a friend, Rose... whose husband worked in Aussie by then. I got it a few months before I flew there. It's like a charm that says..."I'll be there one day!"

Key chain #2.

This one is for the home, 5 keys altogether with a Honda Racing keychain. It's from the previous owner of the house.

When I asked MrHubby-reasons for letting me use the keychain, he said "It's a kinda motivation. May be one day u'll drive a Honda."

So, I just keep it.

Now, who's next?
I'm gonna taaaaggggggg...

1. is@r
2. iefa
3. kakyong
4. ziha
5. linda miamanis

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Last 2 years...

Hehehe. Muka rajin buat keje (actually I was filling in a form for a conference).

And these are my gedix pix with my dear colleague, DrArnis...

and my dear boss, DrWan.just bcoz I wear a new baju batik to work today :P

I wonder whether the govt is going to introduce some kind of elaun baju batik or such, as they make it compulsory for us to wear it every Thurs. Dah le batik mahal! Kang aku pakai kain batik yang dibuat baju kang...

Anyway, today is the 6th of Ramadhan. My puasa? Kantoi-ed already... due to irregular mense cycle. But that's alrite. Qada je la nanti.

Last year, I managed to complete one whole month of fasting, bcoz I wasn't visited by that carmine friend of mine (I didnt have it for 21 months due to breastfeeding). It felt good, y'know.

But last two years, I couldn't fast for 25days. Puas le ganti puasa! I managed to finish qada-ing the remaining 7 days right before Syaaban ended this year.

The first day, I broke the fast at 2pm or so, bcoz I couldn't take it anymore. Sakit!

Then, the 6th day, while we were having sahur, the waterbag broke... I have already expected it, bcoz I also had blood stain a day earlier.

So, time to work hard in the labour room!

By noon, I was the proud Mama to the 3.75kg Adam Zuhair...

Today, just look at him...
He's getting skinnier, naughtier, comoter...etc. Hehehe

Oh... pipi masih maintain Chubby Cikebum.

But still I love u, munchkin!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Adam shifting into gear... box!

This morning, the gray clouds moved away from my path. The friend whom I talked about in my entry yesterday... suddenly appeared in my office. Suffice to say, we hugged and forgave each other.

And *plinggg!!!*

I could smile again. I even got comments from people saying that I am glowing today!

Anyway, whilst I'm still in the mood to blog... let me share with u what we had for iftar yesterday.

When MrHubby called to ask what to buy for me at PaRam, I just said that I wished for something soupy... having in mind it's gonna be the typical tasteless-in-Ramadhan kuay teow soup or such.

But when he came back, my oh my... it's no ordinary soup! It's the one associated with the car anatomy! Hehehe. I mean, a gearbox soup!

It was a real huge chunk of bone joint in a richly flavoured soup and some garnishing. This time, it was only the two of us to finish up the delicacy. But lo and behold... there's also another mouth enjoying it too.

What's this, Mama?
It's chewy, ay?
Nyum2... alamak..terkeluar balik pulak!
Sumbat balik!

Those days (when I was pregnant of Cikebum), we would have this bone marrow soup once in a while with Jalak & Dian. Never did we went without them bcoz the portion is too big for two. Hence a quartet is just perfect. And after that we will all slither like a python that has just swallowed a calf. Hahaha. Buruk perangai kan?

Now it's impossible to do it... with the little ones, whether or not ur stomach is full... we still have to remain awake to entertain them.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I hate this feeling

I haven't blogged much lately, not after Ramadhan is here. Why?
Bz? Not really.
Lazy? Oh...maybe.

Now I am upset with my G900.
The touch screen is malfunctioning.

It really disappoints me bcoz it hasn't been a year, and this is my first time switching to Sony E. Kononnya trying a fresh air la, aside from the usual Nokia that I have trusted for so long. So, now... I more Sony E, esp the one with touch screen- which was supposed to be sorta a PDA to the forgetful me.

Well, today is the 4th day of the holy month. Most of my blogger frens have posted at least an entry about their fasting stories.

Yet, this is my first entry.

I hope it's not too late for me to apologize from all of u readers for any wrongdoings I commit intentionally or unintentionally.
Kind words and forgiving of faults are better than Sadaqah (charity) followed by injury (to the heart). And Allah is Rich (Free of all wants) and He is Most-Forbearing.
(Al Baqarah : 263)

My mind is not calm at the moment.

1. I unintentionally hurt a friend's feeling last Friday just bcoz I was trying to be attentive in a meeting (bcoz the 'mak tiri' wanted us to take the minute of the meeting). I apologized but apparently it didn't work. Perhaps the hole I made in her heart is too big. Err... xkan kena 'kiss and make up' pulak kot?

To her (if u read this), I admit I was wrong. Please forgive me and don't let this ruin our friendship (sob..sob)

2. The hp is giving me a headache. I can't wait to go back to Penang this weekend, will get myself a Nokia.

3. I am uncertain about my menstrual/istihadah cycle. It is killing me bcoz now it's the fasting month, some more bcoz I think it's about time for Adam to have a sister (or brother).

Oh... I have been thinking too much.
And I hate this feeling! :'(

I need a huggggggggggggg!!!!!!!!!!! :(

Friday, August 21, 2009

Meet the Parents

When Prince William met Kate Middleton's was unexpectedly unpleasant bcoz of her uncle. Pity eh?
Wow! Look at her lovely trench coat! Isn't it gorgeous?

Do u still remember- What was it like when u first met 'the parents'? I mean the in-laws-to-be by then.

Generally, all of us, men or women, would play the perfect gentleman (or gentlewoman?) to the partner's parents. There are parents who buck the trend and have a relaxed attitude, as they have a different perspective to give room for the grown-up children to make their own decisions. But most parents have become demanding esp. if the candidate is of a different culture.

As for myself, I remember that time...we were in a long-distance relationship. Hence, it was kinda a breaking news.

Well, MrX's family gathered at the hospital to visit his sick dad. Out of the blue, MrX who never talked about any girl he's befriending with... told his mom that he's dating a girl, and showed a pix of them together.

So, the rest of the family members flocked by the bedridden dad to have a look at the who's-that-lucky-girl.

The mom : What white teeth she has!
The sister : What's her name?
Another sis: Hey, Irsyad...come look at your maksu-to-be. Lawa x?
Irsyad : Elehh... my girlfriend is even prettier!
Another sis : A Penangite? Is she an anak mami?

And MrX was showered with questions-of how old is she, where does she work, how did u meet her, yada yada. Typical questions.

Fast fwd to the first meeting between the in-laws and the girl...

The traffic was pretty bad, so MrX called the parents to inform that they'll be fashionable late.

MrX : Mak, we'll be a bit late. It's raining here, the traffic is slow.
Mom: That's alrite. Everybody is here. U drive carefully.
MrX : Sure. BTW, what do u cook tonight?
Mom: Your favourites la... Sambal udang. There's also siput sedut...

(laughter broke the silence)

Mom: Why are u laughing?
MrX : Nothing. *giggles*

Know why?
Bcoz the girl has an evil plan of serving her future daughter-in-law with siput sedut, but now she is being served with the dish. Hahaha. That means, no kontrol ayu la. Hahaha

Well, that's about MY experience during our first meeting with his parents & SIL.
(Hence, MrX is actually MrHubby).

Nonetheless, I had hard times finding the right dress to wear.

Pakai baju kurung, macam konon baik sangat...
If I were to act cool and wear pants, perhaps it's not suitable. Selamba kodok sangat.
Eventually, I decided to wear a long-sleeved T-shirt and a long skirt. Decent la sikit kan?

After the dinner, we countdown for the new year which marked the anniversary of our first date :P

Anyway, the first meeting was okay. The family members were not skeptical, instead they really welcomed me with warmth.

It is undeniable that when we become parents, the priority in life is the children's happiness. Like most parents, I want what's best for them but not by my yardstick. I'll let them make their own decisions, and learn from their own mistakes. Hey, I wanna be a cool MIL when it's my turn. Don't u?

Although I am a Penangite, I am no anak mami. I am 50% Malay, 50% Chinese.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Contest Baju Raya Sedondon

With the upcoming Ramadhan, the heat to hunt for Baju Raya is on. So, here's an entry for the Contest Baju Raya Sedondon- by Is3riziburikazz.

Me: Isabelle
Hubby : Sham
Munchkin : Adam Cikebum
Year of Eid : 2008
Theme : Yellow-Green

Year of Eid : 2008
Theme : Pinky peach

This year's theme : Most likely, it's gonna be red, or blue, or...grey. Haha. Still undecided.

Well, as u could see, we don't go for kain satu kayu to make it sedondon, bcoz what makes it nice to the eyes is how the colours blend with each other.

Contest Jom Main Air Bersama

Contest mode. This one is organized by KakYong... strictly for her followers until 23rd Aug 2009.

I was thinking to submit this photo, of Lil Cikebum spattering and splashing the water while he was having a bath (he was 9 months by then).

But then, I realized that the photo should include the Mama too. So, here it is...

Mama: Isabelle
The munchkin: Cikebum
Age: 23 months

Pix taken last March, when my brother came down from Penang to Shah Alam. We were planning to take the kids to the Wetworld, but as everybody was so laid back and not in the mood to rush, we went to Seri Mahligai's pool. Hahaha.

So, there...u could see my sister and I trying to teach Cikebum to swim. He is a bit hydrophobic in open water I'd say, but we managed to make it fun.

Tips to encourage the little one to play with water.
  1. Let him play with water as he wishes, in the rain, in the shower or even while watering the plants/washing the car. Those days, mak-mak kita mana bagi buat benda ni semua.
  2. Bring him for a picnic at water theme park or pools or streams to enjoy.
  3. Equip him with colourful floatie, or the ones with their fav character.
  4. Let them scoop and pour the water, or use water guns to shoot at each other.
  5. Make sandcastles, canal or any funny shapes together from the sand.
I realize after I implemented all those, I never had to persuade Cikebum to the bathroom anymore. Instead, he'd pull of his pants upon seeing me or MrHubby entering the bathroom sengihnampakgigi

Safety tips for the little one while playing with water.
  1. Don't ever leave the kids unattended while playing with water.
  2. Floatie might help the kids (at least) to overcome their fear of water.
  3. In the bathroom, make sure the floor is not slippery.
  4. Lock the bathroom so they couldn't enter it and venture into dangerous fun while we are not observing.
  5. At the streams/waterfall, it is a no-no to try swimming in a deep spot.

Sponsors of the contest:

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

MrHubby in his 3 series

It was MrHubby's birthday yesterday. All plans were almost unsuccessful yesterday when he realized he had to attend a course yesterday.

But we sneaked out for a movie during the day (Harry Potter & the Half Blood Prince). Being the not-a-big-fan-of-sequels, I kept buggin' MrHubby with questions while watching. Who is this guy? Why is he like that? Doesn't Harry know...bla bla..bla...

(Annoying kan? That alrite, he had to bear with me) :P

We also bought Cikebum's birthday gift in advance (well, 30days to go), but it was hidden somewhere at home. He'll only get it on the 18th Sept.

That nite, I was thinking to cook something special, but MrHubby insisted to have anything takeaway. Haiyohhh...

So, we went out for dinner at a restaurant, instead of the one near Acapella bcoz it was raining cats and dogs for an outdoor dinner.

Us, before going out for the dinner. Mind u- it was raining, hence no fancy dresses.

The card I gave him...

Well, I rarely go for sentimental cards.
I love teasing with funny ones like this. Sometimes, yang kinky and pervert pun ada. Hahaha.

So, MrHubby, Happy birthday....Well, as Benjamin Franklin said "At twenty years of age, the will reigns; at thirty, the wit; and at forty, the judgement."

Li'l Cikebum menyibuk to check his 1st signature (and a heart-shaped fingerprint) he made in the card.

MrHubby with his konon-surprised expression receiving the Dunhill London perfume.

The food we had. Unfortunately, the black pepper venison had to be replaced by the fresh alive fish.

Last but not least, Lil Cikebum enjoying the fish head.

Dah le tu, sayang oiii... Tak elok makan kepala ikan!!!

Anyway, again... to MrHubby, may you live all the days of your life!
Worried about the change of the first digit in the age?
Hmmm... apparently, youth is a circumstance you can't do anything about. The trick is to grow up without getting old.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Happy birthday!

It's Mr Hubby's birthday today!

Happy birthday, darla...
Many happy returns!
I love u so much...

p/s: Adam will turn two in a month!

Thursday, August 13, 2009



Yes, I am.

Reasons? I asked the students what is a safety lifeline, but they leave me no right asnwers. None of them, out of the 50 students.

It is even worse bcoz...

  1. I have taught 'em about PPE, so they should know.

  2. I always share funny clips and jokes with them in the class to make it interesting, and enhance their understanading.

Am I not a good mediator?

p/s: I'm going for a field trip with students from tomorrow till Sunday, bringing Cikebum along... bcoz MrHubby is not around. Pls pray that he'll be fine....

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


One sunny Sunday afternoon...

Hubby : Dear, it's boring to stay at home. Let me take u to your fav place.
Wifey : Where to?
Hubby : Cendol la.
Wifey : Yay!!!

On the way to Cendol Pak Akob...

Hubby : I wonder what'd it be if a wife insists on having cendol every week.

Wifey : That depends, whether it is before or after marriage.

Hubby : U mean?

Wifey : If it is before marriage, the guy would willingly bring her to the end of the world pun...just to have cendol. That's even before she opened her mouth to tell that she wants it.

Hubby : (smiled)

Wifey : If the cendol man is not operating as usual, the guy would go to Tesco and buy the ingredients needed to make his own cendol for her sweetheart.

Hubby : And after marriage?

Wifey : Huh! U ni...tiap-tiap hari nak makan cendol. Susah-susah sangat, u kawin je la dengan mamak cendol tu!

*drool...droool.... I shouldn't have written this entry while I'm fasting*

Cendol Pak Akob operates everyday in front of Masjid Raja Tun Uda, Section 16 Shah Alam--- the place we were supposed to get married, but changed to another place.
It is a must have every weekend, especially to cheer up a wife who loves cendol. Hehehe.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Independent Adam

Well, peeps... I just came back from Bandung.
And not yet in the mood to post an entry on the so-called shopping retreat.

So, today...I just wanna share some pix of........

When the mini-me wants to be independent and tries to feed himself...


Okay x mcm ni, Mama?

Tak cukup tangan kanan. The left one should be used too.

Eh...x masuk pulak. Sumbat sikit...

Wait till u see him trying to eat the food that dropped onto his elbow...

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