Monday, November 30, 2009

What to wear?

This coming Friday, I'll be attending a dinner and the theme is elegant/glam.

Now I am wondering of what to wear. As usual, I always wanna look my best esp. at such events, but I dont wanna overdo it. Kang mak sorang je melaram sakan, ada pulak diva yang makan hati!

Anyway, last semester's dinner, the award for the so-called-prom-queen was given to a colleague. Later, some students told me that actually, they decided to give it to me in the first place, but considering that people might complain why is it always, they purposely gave it to another person.

Gambar hanyalah cadangan hiasan

Hahaha. Hampes x?
So, I suppose there's no point for me to put extra effort la to look good next time.
But that's the dinner with students.

The one on this Friday is organized by the faculty (attended by staff). So, should I or shouldn't I dress up?


  1. i vote for dress up..biar je diva2 lain makan hati nyah..eheh

  2. haha alaa sekali sekala ape salahnye

  3. altho sgt2 disheartening bila dpt tau pertandingan adalah fixed, i would still vote for dress up. as long as it makes you happy and confident with yourself, it doesn't matter org lain nak kata apa. i see no reason why you should dress down for he sake of others kan? plus a retail therapy is bound to keep you happy anyhow pon kan, win or lose :)

  4. ohyes, dress up's not an everyday affair afterall :)

  5. yatiechomel,
    lagi besar la mata diorg jegil, smpi terkeluar tengok i nanti.

    sekali sekala ke? kalo dah b4 this, i dah pernah dpt..harus la ada yg ckp nak bagi kat org lain lak kali ni.

    err..baju apa ya?

    oh yes...i would even invite others to make me the talk of the town what they do all these while sbb i am close to my boss.hahaha (evil laugh)

    tiap ari pegi keje pun dah over. tapi betul gak ye. xkan nak lekeh2 je mlm tu nnt.

  6. just dress up!!!! puaskan hati... for sure we wanna look lovely & beautifully kan? :D

  7. fizamior,
    i will. siap dgn glittery bulumata pelesu lagi.hahaha :P

  8. alaa mkn hti time dnnr tu..ktorg sj je pn..sonok2 vote lg sorg tu..hehee~...papehl pn ttp d bomb..dress up~!..ktorg sme ske tgk cntik2 ari2~! :D

  9. wah2~ kali ni ang xmo amik khidmat nasehat aku ka? hehehe;D

  10. wahh sudah tukat wajah yeerr...sungguh lame tk melompat2 blog ni..nwey dress upp je laa...tknk award pon tkpee..janji tebeliak bijik mate :p

  11. dayah,
    saye merajuk ni tau.cepat bagi bunga lily!!!
    p/s:alamak kantoi pulak.aku lupa ada student baca blog aku nih :P

    mula ingat nak mix & match baju oren aku. tapi smlm aku decide nak pakai dress biru-purple sedia ada tu je yg dtg dinner paling2 ada 2 org yg prnh tgk baju tu kot. kira x basi lg la. haha

    a'ah. tapi sbb x pandai buat template lawa2, rasa mcm huduh le pulak.
    ok, nnt i dress up la...n post a pix in the blog ok.

  12. kte beze trikh bday 1ari je..xpe pn kalo tkantoi *cm xde kne mngene*..hee~ ;)

  13. dayah,
    apokobondo yg ekau merapu ni?hahaha

  14. ahaha~...layaaannn.. :D


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