Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Is it just my mindset or...?

Hello peeps! Do u remember when I blogged about my sleepless nights since the past two weeks and the non-stop cold/cough I had?

Yes, it was for about a fortnight and it didn't stop even after I went to the clinic twice to get various types of meds. I was also prescribed with sleeping pills-but my eyes were still wide until 5 or 5.30am! Giler chargas tak bertempat!

Those sleepless nights have seen me being productive marking exam scripts and writing my book, but I wasn't happy bcoz somehow I still need my beauty sleep.

Wahahaha... (mode: berangan jadi Sleeping Beauty)

Last Sunday, I went to the Bazarena Stadium (a.k.a Pasar Pagi or car-boot-sale, whatever u call it)...and I suddenly decided to buy this out of the blue...

Some of u might have heard of it. I'd like to emphasize here that I am not a dealer/distributor whatnot of this product...but it just crossed my mind to try it.

As heard on the radio (I hate listening the echoed voice repeating the word 'ECPI' for about 10X in an ads)... this multi-purpose water is said to cure various types of illnesses.

So back home, I gulped down a glass of it and voila!!! I slept soundly!

I did wake up in the middle of the night, but I had not trouble closing my eyes again. Hahaha. Magic tak?

Anyway, MrHubby said...perhaps I was too exhausted after going here and there during the day. So, yesterday, I tried again...

Well, yesterday was a working day (which is very different as compared to Sunday, when I started drinking it). And I slept uninterrupted until morning (exc. when Cikebum climbed on me for his bonbon)!

So, today, I wonder whether it really works or it is just my mindset (but I wasn't having a high expectation about this ECPI thingy).

I googled and discovered this...

ECPI Water is produced by a combination of different types of water treatment systems such as:

  • Activated carbon filtration.
  • Ultra violet light disinfection
  • Ozone disinfection
  • Reverse Osmosis
  • Alkaline
  • Oxygenation
  • Deionization and
  • Electromagnetic wave technology

How does it work?

In this process, energy wave patterns of food supplements, multivitamins, pro hormones and organ codes are transmitted into ECPI water molecules. These energy wave patterns will form chains of stable memory patterns in ECPI water and enhance its energy level. when you drink ECPI water, the central nervous system (CNS) reads the energy wave patterns in it and transmits the same to various parts of the body according to their needs.

I teach my students several water purification technologies, but never discussed of the results of combined methods like this. Hmmm... an assignment for the students next sem, perhaps? Hehehe.

Or..have any of u tried...and would like to share some info with me?


  1. ahaaa..selalu dengar iklan die kat radio ..ECPi!

    hehe berkesan ek?? tp i takde masalh tidur..letak je pale atas bantal terus zzzzzzzzzz..

  2. farah,
    haha. i meluat dengar iklan tu.poyo!
    kalo esok2 ada sakit apa2 ke, try la. nak gak tau kot2 boleh cure.

  3. Isabelle, i drank ECPI few bottles before courtesy of my eldest bro beli berkoyan-koyan for our parents tapi me cilok 3-4 botol..he,he..

    ermmm...takder paper beza pun ker me ni yang something wrong with my body system...btw, jangan lupa join my current giveaway kalu sudi..miss your visit. :>

  4. just sharing an amusing story...kakak i try minum ecpi (dia ni cikgu), sbb kwn2 kat sek dia sibuk suruh try...then tup2 lepas minum about a week, dia dpt denggi!! i rasa just co-incident ajer, tp dia marah2 coz dia rasa sbb minum ecpi tu nyakum gigit/suka darah dia hehehe lucu kan...tp i memang kureng sikit nak percaya apa2 yg sewaktu dgn air tenaga /ecpi etc, excet air zamzam ;)

  5. sorry byh typo error plak...
    * except

    ni my bb tgh dok bf sambil i baca blog ;)

  6. hanz,
    hahaha.badan u kebal dah kot.anw, kalo smpt nnt, i join ye?tq.

    mama zharfan,
    i pun malas nak percaya, maybe la coincidence..or perhaps it just works well with my body.

  7. wow! amazing... ermmm i takdo lagi sleeping prob sejak ade anak nih..sbb penat sgt kot..tido tak bertempat adalah!! hahaha!!

  8. oits? hebat gila ecpi tu..
    emm..i used to drink one purified water without knowing yg tu air yg konon spesel..siyes sedap..xdak bau+rasa chlorine..rasa energized!

    air paip saja pon tp sbb technology water purifier dia bagos..jepun..pakai electrolysis guna platinum plated titanium electrodes..kagum aku!

    hah~apa kata soh student ang wat research pasai tu..berbaloi!

  9. ohhh bagus eh air ni? apsal u insomnia ka eh takleh tido? i tak penah lagi tak leh tido unless kalau siang tido lama sangat huhu

  10. fizamior,
    i pun dulu mcm tu.penat layan adam, cpt je tido. tapi hjg2 tahun ni, byk lak rasa benda nak disiapkan...tu kot yg ganggu tido tu.

    mana hang dpt air tu? nak gak aku try.

    drama mama,
    maybe there's too many things in my mind kot.


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