Friday, November 13, 2009

Why do u make-up?

Make ups are cosmetics applied to the face to improve or change your appearance. We powder the face to avoid a shiny look and set the finish after applying foundation. Concealers are used to hide spots or dark circles under the eyes and we apply lipstick/lipgloss to cover the paleness of our lips.

As I was putting on my usual routine of covering my weaknesses yesterday, MrHubby asked me, "Dear, why do ladies put on make-ups?"

My genuine answer was quite similar to the above.

And he continued...What if someone esp.of the opposite gender tells the lady that her make-up is not beautifying her, makes her look terrible?

That's a good question.

Okay...let's ask ourselves. Why do we apply those cosmetics onto our face?
Some might say - to make them look good, to tackle the heart of someone in their offices, to boost their confidence, yada...yada...

Well, whatever the reasons might be, we must reset the intention (niat) once in a while. It is known that Muslim women are not supposed to display their beauty to ajnabi men.

All ladies deserve to be appreciated, respected, and admired. At work, an improved appearance, one would gain attention and respect bcoz of the confidence. But somehow, sometimes...we forgot our initial niat. Pahala tak dapat, dosa dok bertimbun...

Well, u know... some fully-insured mouth say...

"Ish..bini sapa tu? Buruk sungguh! How could the husband stand looking at her everyday like that?"

"That lady with the oily face-is she a lecturer? Why does she look like a contractor?

"Orang lain pun ada anak jugak, tapi takde la selekeh macam tu..."

Not that I'm saying that I am really concern of what people say. This is bcoz I am lucky to have a concern husband who'd be my mirror everyday.

He's the one who'd tell me if my make up is too much (siap tolong tenyehkan blusher lagi), or he'd tell me if the colour combination is not right. MrHubby would also comment if my blouse is too sexy or the skirt I wear couldn't hide the panty line.

Once in a while, he'd remind me of the intention so that it is not diverted.

Back to MrHubby's question-(assuming my readers are the I-cant-live-without-makeup type)- What if someone esp.of the opposite gender tells u that your make-up makes u look terrible?

I'd's gonna be like a slap on my face. Hahaha. Anyway, beauty is subjective. Yes, it lies in the eyes of the beholder. Tapi orang bodoh je akan mengamuk dan beria-ia menegakkan yang apa yang dia pakai tu cantik (alasan:orang lain tak cakap pun buruk!) Hello, orang lain tu maybe tak sampai hati nak bagitau, knowing ur attitude yang xboleh ditegur!

And of course, whilst we try to look our best with the make ups, it is also important to make sure that it is not tabarruj... (berhias berlebih-lebihan).

Married ladies- well, u know why...

Single ladies- don't u keep the intention to pancing/cari calon with the make up! Sungguh keji niat itu.


  1. hehe mmg pengomen tegar pasal mekap i pon my hubby..sakit gak telinga ni kalau die better la die komen dr kite syok sendiri ahhahha

  2. least look presentable especially working ladies dan yang dah jadi mommy to prove that jadi mommy takder ler selebet sangat...hubby pun tumpang bangga bila introduce to his friend"This is my wife" :D

  3. husband mmg very concerned about my look & what i wear.. Kdg2 sgt sakit hati bila dia tak agree dgn ape yg kita pakai.. tp harus ditukar jua..kang ckp menderhaka plak kan..haha.. eh tp my hubby pun selalu mintak opinion i ttg apa yg dia pakai.. kalau tak suits him nnt i ckplah..its good to practice that bcoz we can improve each others look.. :D

  4. aku sempoi je beb...
    dlm keta pun bole make up... huhuh!!

    aku suka make up natural jer, janji nampak kemas.. x kn nk p opis serabai laks..rosak reputasi maks nyah! hehe..

    laki aku x kisah sgt bab pakaian, janji sedap mata memandang kira on la.. tp klu seksi or jarang dia bg tau la soh tukar..heh!

  5. i suka make up tapi my husband said lebih suka tgk i without make up..
    so i pakai make up ringan n basic jer..

  6. i pon suka mekap tp my hubby plak mls tggu i bersiap nk mekap. masa preggy dulu, tgh mlm sblm tdo pon mekap .. skrg dh ada baby, smpt apply compact powder plus lip gloss je huhuhu

  7. hihih suke cant go out witout blusher ..bedak tuh semestinyer ler...en hubby pon mmg suke tgk klo makeup...dh tukang betul kan klo tk seimbang kiri kanan :D

    for me tuk jage penampilan kt tmpt koje...+ tah i akan rase xconfiden giler biler tk makeup...

    if kuar ngan hubby musti makeup .. =D

  8. farah,
    xpe la kalo hubby kutuk x kena, drp org lain yg tegur. malu weh..

    betul tu. kang kwn dia tny "yg ni ur maid ke?" harus ada yg jadi hijau kat situ gak.hahaha

    ye, sape lg nak jd cermin kita? dia je la yg tengok tiap2 ari.

    aku pun. mana yg senget2 mekap aku tu, aku repair dlm keta je.
    elok la kalo laki tegur.musti dia x larat nak tanggung tu. hahaha

    lady of leisure,
    i have to have flawless skin to be that confident., tebal ke mekap mak ye?

    yatie chomel,
    fuiyoo...tgh mlm pun mekap tuuuu.
    kalo i, mlm2 dah asal boleh jer. hahaha

    camna agaknya kalo hubs ckp x suka kita mekap ye? kalo konfiden, xpe gak.

  9. as for me, eyeliner and lipstick is a must and lil bit of blusher! (walopon aku jarang pakai sebab nak cepat)


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