Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Scam? How do u deal with it?

My mind is not peaceful right now, bcoz of a swindling diddle.
How do u deal with these scams, ay?

I have tried to be nice to them, allowing sufficient time, but apparently it didn't help much. (Hati mesti busuk, baru boleh puas kot?!)

Hey, I gtg now... am off to a site, for sampling. Hahaha. Yes, I am serious now (see, I am not grinning as usual).

While the end of year is approaching, I think I have had enough momentum by now. Next year, I'm gonna rock the, poyo x agak-agak. Errr....I mean, I will be very productive next year.

Please remind me if I were too occupied with blogging next year. Hahaha (as if...)


  1. blog lamaku kena hack
    pssword dicuri
    entry yag dah delete si disturbia ni jadikan stickey mode.
    sungguh geram.

    sma dengan la kalau hackers yg suka letak scam atau virus dlm blog kira ni. sngt menyusahkan...

  2. you can never be too occupied with blogging. haha. blogging helps u keep ur sanity in check, no?


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