Thursday, November 19, 2009

Isabelle turns Isabelly!

Once upon a time...
Venue: Rent house

Me : Hoh? I now have a spare tyre!
Along : Sudah la kau, dik... U don't even have a stomach!
Me : Really. U see... I have extra flesh here on my tummy.
K.Ya : Like this haa...(pinching her own tummy)...baru la kira buncit!

....and those were the days...


When I sit, I can pinch my belly...
Hmmm... the donuts I've been eating all this while has ended up around my waist eventually.

This pic...

when closed-up...

...seems pretty much like my belly (minus the sugar). Hahaha. Boleh la buat belly dance kat MrHubby when he's back from the one-week course :P

But that also means...There goes my 'donut galore days'. Huwaaa... :(

The best part is...people still say that I'm slim. Thank goodness for the height!


  1. I pon dulu sgt kering sekeping lps tu skang dh jadik tembam bam! bam! bam!! Haha.. Eh u ade tips x nk slimkan tummy? Hehe...

  2. hadoi babe... ko lom compare lagi dgn donut yang mengelilingi pinggang aku neh...tensen aku tgk..

  3. fizamior,
    hehehe. bam2 kalo comel, xpe la.
    tips selimkan tummy? x pernah pulak berpantang or exercise, sbb selama ni enjoy je mkn.haha

    u berdonat sebab ada isi.kira xpe lagi.
    i ni...dok x dok, ada donat nih..apa kehey nye?huhu

  4. isabelle, lama sangt dah tak singgah...huhuhu...akak masuk ni sbb ingat awak ngandung hihihi

  5. wow buat belly dance kat hubby! hehe

  6. drama mama,
    alaa...why should u envy? my height?
    it's balanced now-with the belly :P

    alahai, belum ada rezeki kak. i'm on pills. tunggu la sebulan dua lg.

    hehe. u try le buat kat asri. mesti best punye :P


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