Wednesday, November 4, 2009

My Funniest Baby Contest

I am putting up this pic........

Cikebum Fabregas Zuhair Tapioca
25mths (now), 9mths (then)

for this contest...

This contest is open for babies/toddlers up to 3 years of age. Mine falls under Category B (boy).

Prizes are sponsored by:

Sponsor 1 : Babyumishop (
Wallaaa.... U can shop many things here! A useful site for single ladies who are Tupperware fans, up to moms in confinement (Set Herba Ibu bersalin) and cloth diapers (siap dengan skim kutu lagi). If u are health conscious- go for the Bio AURA Filter.

Sponsor 2 : IT@RLiiT's BeutiQue & Beuty Centre (
Comfy ladies clothing with boutique designs at reasonable price and beauty & health products like Eumora & ECPI.

Sponsor 3 : Moms&babyshop (
Fancy and colourful cloth diapers & health products like JusMate5
How to join?
- Be a follower of Umidanish and the sponsors and add her in the bloglist
- Put up the banner on the sidebar with the link
- In the entry, upload only one photo of ur baby, with his/her funny face
- Don't forget to mention what's in the blog of the sponsors
- Once done, leave a comment here.
-Judges decisions are final, what's more special is a lucky draw will be done by Baby Danish!


  1. ehehehe.. so cuteee dia buat mulut mcm tu... all the best for the contest ya..

  2. ya rabbi kiut nya adam! good luck... hihi... aisyah x pernah la plak buat rupa2 kelakar mcm tu ... so x leh la enter huhu

  3. heheh.. tomei.. so funny! goodluck cikebumm!

    walaweh, dh tukar layout..nmpak sgt dh lama x singgah.. aku kebizian..huhu

  4. wehihihi... cute giler gambar nih.. best of luck cikebum!!!!

  5. cutenya!!! ada chance menang ni ;) my lil Ariff belum pandai buat muka lucu .. :p

  6. lady of leisure,
    yes, we call it 'MULUT ITAN' (mulut ikan).

    thanks, aunty. airyll x masuk ke?

    ish...blushing la. (eh eh apsal mama lak yg over nih?)

    hmm...xtau lg kot2 aisyah ada bakat terendam, eh terpendam. try la.

    p-na mama oja,
    hang...amboi bz sungguh no? wei, raya aji blk mana?

    tengok le sapa mamanya. hehe (nak gak tumpang glamer)

    thanks ;)

    mama zharfan,
    aminnn...masin mulut mama zharfan.hehe.

  7. ahahahahahaha ...
    sungguh kiut miut cikebum ni laaaaa ...

    ada peluang menang ni ...


  8. DNNA,
    thanks. harap2 leh menang ler. hehe.


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