Sunday, November 8, 2009

Adam & Mamapasha's cuppies

My Saturday morning was spent swimming at Mamapasha's place. Oh yeah...but no pix of the activities (Mamapasha, ayo..emailin ke aku donk!)

Speaking of Mamapasha the baker, last week she gave me some of her cuppies. For a person with sweet tooth like me, it's never a 'no'. Hehehe. Nyum2...

I got three of these 6 cuppies...and some homemade chocolates too.

Back home...Cikebum was excited to try one after another...

Mulut penuh pun, capai lagi...
Bersungguh-sungguh suap...
And he was happy just looking at the cute li'l cuppies...
"Mama, do I look cute if I pout my mouth like this?"

Eh...why is this cupcake doesn't have a heart choc in it?"
Let me put one...
And he was happy


  1. wawawa;D nampaknya cikebum sudah pandai decorate cake..

    nanti besday cake dia..leh aa dia dia boh sticker thomas sendiri;p

  2. bettyone,
    kalo sticker yg edible xpa. kalo dia boh yg sticker biasa tu, x pasal2 semua org mkn kertas. hahaha

  3. ahahahaha... cute banget sih adaaaaamm.. nanti aunty buatkan lagi ya.. :* btw photo berenangnya udah aku upload di facebook ambil aja yah
    muahahahaha *evil laugh!

  4. mamapasha,
    goblok bgt sih...udah tau aku gak punya FB, sengaja ditaruk di situ. hampesss


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