Thursday, November 5, 2009


When we were small, aiskrim potong was a must after a tiring day at school. *drool*
"Pakcik, eskrem potong satu!"

When our hair grows long, we think of having it cut.
"Jangan la potong rambut tu. Sayang la..."

This potong, that potong... (oh..cute pulak sebut *potong potong potong* byk kali) Hahaha.

However, recently...the term 'potong' has become popular again, due to the war campaign between P1w1max and Streamyx. The latter was so daring to pawn the former by using the same word.

If previously the question "Dah potong?" was so synonym with P1w1max, now...u have to listen to the ads attentively to ensure whether it belongs to that company or TM's Streamyx.

P1 Potong Campaign


What's funny is when they also use the tagline "Faster and more enjoyable" -- haha! What a misleading ads! I mean, with the double meaning it carries :P

Bcoz of that, there's a mixed reactions from different groups of people. Some find it insulting, while some would just smile to themselves while driving while the ads is aired on the radio.

Yesterday, while invigilating the exams...a colleague of mine (Chinese) came in to monitor his students. So, we had a whispering chat...

Me : AD, I heard ur Program is moving to Pilah campus next year.
AD : Yes, only the junior lecturers.
Me : Oh... I thought it involves the whole Program.
AD : No. The seniors will stay.
Me : Okay la...then u can be the Head there.
AD : No la...This...(showing his skin colour). Unless if I 'potong' first la.
Me : Hahaha. Then, u potong la...

....*and we giggled in the quiet exam hall*...


This morning, my officemate, DrTan (Winie) invigilated the exam for Stephen's (also a Chinese) paper. After asking the students to tie up Answer Booklets A & B together, she collected and sent them to the Exam Room...

Stephen : Aiyaa...why didn't u separate Booklet A & B?
Winie : U came in twice to monitor, but U didn't say anything.
Stephen : Ohh..okay.
Winie : Ne'er mind. Count them first la...
Stephen : Ah... yes. Then, later I potong la.
Shahril : (the Exam committee, overheard it) What? U belum potong aaa?
Stephen : Aiyaa... nanti I potong la.

And they laughed.

Haihhh...How the word potong is so popular nowadays!!!

So, friends...korang dah potong???


  1. hahaha mmg glemer la iklan potong tu!

  2. hahaha.. betul2...
    dah glamour perkataan potong ni coz of the adv..
    btw, i dah potong wakaka..

  3. having left the country for over a year now, mmg x sedar ada iklan sebegini. lucu, tp agak lucah pon ada gaksss... hehe..

    anyway, i like 'potong saga' nyer short film kat 15malaysia

    x tau la ni dah jd lawak basi ke apa kat msia, but quite popular a few months back dlm circle of malaysians kat plymouth. enjoy more 'potong2' action!

  4. farah,
    ya..sbb double meaning tu kot jadi glamer.

    lady of leisure,
    i pun dah potong.tapi bukan dgn p1w1max or streamyx.keh keh keh

    i dpt emel je dulu ttg potong saga tu.anyway, bila baca lawak tu..mulut dok terkumat kamit try sebut potong saga.yes, it could sound that silly :P

  5. ha.. kalo potong kang tak laju lerr.. chewah pro streamyx plak.. :D tp mmg term potong tu dah glamer dah.. even my bos pon suka sgt potong2 tu siap ckp of course!! gile x, anak dia tanya abah dah potong? haha..

    ermm.. gambar ice cream potong tu very temptating la..

  6. fizamior,
    wohhh? anak dia tanya mcm tu? apa maksud anak dia tu ye? wakakaka...


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