Monday, November 23, 2009

What makes him so special?

*An entry in conjunction of our 3rd anniversary*

Hey peeps, have a glimpse at your better half's pic now.
Look into his eyes (err...the pics, I mean) and ask yourself- what made u attracted to him when u first courted him?

The reasons we fall in love are often a mystery, yet the reasons we stay in love are far less elusive.

Mine might not be a perfect partner, but he is an ideal one for me. The set of qualities that our partners possess has made us go beyond looks, charms and success. Those qualities might be uniquely meaningful to us alone, but now let's talk about what makes a man special in our eyes.

Ideal partners should have physical, emotional and verbal affection that demonstrate the feelings of warmth and tenderness. Don't talk about sexual affection here, bcoz when we first got to know our partner, it's not in the list.

Boy, I was afraid if MrHubby (MrBoyfren, then) would find it awkward to display his affection as he was not of that type. Fortunately he changed as time goes by. Hahaha. Padan muka dapat bini yang suka PDA (public display of affection).

Having a non-affectionate partner must be pathetic, eh? Kontrol macho konon. Sepak kang, baru tau...

Well, marriage is a two-way communication, thus should be enjoyed by giving and accepting the pleasure of company.

Understanding and empathetic

Who would want a non-understanding partner to share his/her life with? Gila wei tanggung emosi sorang-sorang.

Couples should be aware of the commonalities between them and understanding is the key to appreciate the differences. Empathy is also important to communicate with respect and feeling the wants, attitudes and values, so we feel appreciated. Do u agree with me?

Sense of humour
I strongly believe that most of us love to laugh together with our mates. It is in fact a lifesaver in a relationship. You wouldn't wanna laugh alone at your own jokes, would u?

This quality will help to ease the tense moments in a relationship. Well in the first year of our courtship, I was worried if he wouldn't understand why was I behaving childishly. But now I am proud to say that I am playful and love teasing him...

You know... I know some couples whose husband have to start the jokes with "Darla, I'm gonna tell a joke now, eh..." (Poor guy!)

Well, even Ning Baizura during her single days (so are the other sexy female celebrities in Malaysia) when asked of the characters they look for in the opposite gender, the typical answer would be..."Oh...saya nak lelaki yang beriman."

What the.

Anyway, as a matter of fact...I find guys who have extra knowledge on the religion attractive! It's great to see that there's still plenty of guys out there who could recite the Quran well, who could advise us with dalil naqli to support their stand or who intelligently discuss religious matters wisely. These people sure have a bonus point in my eyes!

Full of patience.
This is amongst the top of my list bcoz it takes a very mentally-tough person to endure with a bad-tempered person like me.

No man can be my life partner if they are lacking at this. Enough said.

We should be sensitive to the wants and desires of our better-halves, value each other’s interests and be supportive of the goals in life. Some people find it hard to practice, but the key is simple- communicate.

I am an expressive person, hence there's no excuse for MrHubby to say "Oh, sorry dear...I didnt know that!"

However, while we closely share emotions, we still have to be respectful of one another’s personal boundaries.

Hahaha...MrHubby was so not-fat b4 I left him for my study

Grown up

Basically, all of us are grown ups. But what I mean here is maturity that make people act like an adult.

I used to have several not-so-matured bfs once ago, and it was like knocking my own head on the wall. Sakit hati ada partner yang x cukup matang! So, I told myself it's a no-no to settle down with this kinda men.

Grown-ups won't go for someone to compensate their weaknesses or shortcomings. Neither would they complete their incompleteness. It's more on having a spouse with qualities similar to ours, with whom we can share life in a compatible way.

For whatever qualities that MrHubby possesses, I am grateful to have him.

For whatever qualities he is lacking, I'd remind myself two things...

-He'll improve one day

-I myself have weaknesses to improve...


  1. happy anniversary! you guys are a sweet couple. :-)

    ah i agree with ur thought, whatever he's lacking we just hafta be confident that he'll improve one day kan

  2. is.. aku lagi gak mood baking ni.. anniv cake mutak beliin aja yah.. heheh ;)

  3. b.o.n.d.a,
    thanks ;)

    drama mama,
    well, u got it right. amin has proved it to u.

    no problem. dont worry yah...

  4. happy anniversary...

    ala, apa2 yang dia kurang tu..
    kita lah yang melengkapinya kan?

    apa plan sambut anniversary kali ni? :)

  5. sya,
    plan mcm x jadi je. sbb nanti ada kat kg. haihh...

  6. my hubby x suka PDA, but dimaafkan kerana where he lacks, Allah buat kelebihan dia kat bhg lain (eh knp bunyi mcm porno plak ni.. bkn begitu maksud ku.. but u get the pic lah! ;P)

    owh n happy 3rd anniversary... semakin hari semakin sayang ! :)

  7. oyis,
    hahaha. porno! hahaha.
    kira ok la tu dia x dpt bini pervert. i dgn my hubby selalu pervert2. kweng kweng kwenggg

  8. hepy 3rd ann babe!!!!
    i think he's so caring.. and loving... kan? kan? can see that if u look deep into his eyes..hahaha!!!!
    sila jgn jeles yea, i xtgk pon mata ur hub.. :D

  9. happy 3rd anniversarry isabelle!

    hehe part ning baizurah nak lelaki yg beriman tu memang lawak aa...diorg ni cakap tak serupa bikin.

  10. eppi annebeseri bebeh...

    yg penting kamu maintain gituss.. hehe!

  11. fizamior,
    hahaha. lawak le u ni.

    poyo je ckp ciri beriman tu as top priority. belakang kalu..apa sudah jadi?


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