Friday, November 20, 2009

Ai-lep-yu, Mama

1. Please

2. Thank u

3. I love u

Those are the 3 little words/phrases that have a huge impact on other people's life.
I have been teaching Adam to say those words.

I started demanding for the word "Please..." from him when he asked for bonbon or candies. After several attempts, he uttered it clearly..."Mama..piiiiiis"

And boy, I was so glad!!! Tak kira la peas or...peace or piss... I know what he means!

Then, I demanded that he says "Thank u" when I gave him toys and whatnot. I was turned down in the beginning, but after a few times...he put a smile on my face with his gibberish "Tengkiu, mama."

There's an exception though, when I gave him the bonbon. Mulut dah penuh, camna nak cakap kan? :P

Last but not least, recently I wanted him to say "I love u" to me. Again, just like before...he was reluctant to articulate the words.
But now, he could say it loud and clear... "Ai-lep-yu, Mama" when I hand him his Ultraman.

Oh, he sure knows how to melt my heart! And for that, he's always showered with hugs and kisses from me.

However, MrHubby never got any of those magic words from Cikebum. Hahaha.

Not only that. Cikebum has also develop a passion on scribbling with the pen. The problem is he doesn't scribble/draw by himself, instead he pulls my hand to draw Ultraman & monster/dinosaur for him.

And bcoz there are times when I am lazy to entertain him...this was what I got last week...

"Aaaadaaaaammmmmm.... heiiii...nak kena nih!!!"

Maka comot la beg Alicewonders yang Mama dapat hadiah aritu. Huhu...


  1. haaa been teaching irfan the same thing too. he says "welcome" for thank u, "peeeshh" for please and "ayeyu" for i love u. hahaha

    adam lebih advance la at least bunyi dah betul hiks

  2. Drama Mama,
    xkisah la tu, kan irfan is younger than adam. kira dia sebut jugak kan?

  3. emailkan kat aku email hang. hantar kat

  4. yaya,
    ok.err...nnt u tlg bg hp no.sekali ekk.TQ

  5. wah cantik la dah tukar masthead!

    i x sabar nak tggu aisyah pandai ckp those words. setakat ni, dia pandai buat apa org suruh buat on cue, e.g. "hug ibu", "kiss ibu". tu pon dah cukup buat i berbunga2 hati di dalam... hehe

  6. uisy, lawa artwork kat handbag tu eheh...

  7. cute.No worries sis, at least he had showed his creativity...Kena prepare a huge drawing block for lovely cikebum

  8. jiji,
    bila anak x tunjuk minat belajar, kita risau. bila dah terlampau minat... mcm tu la jadinye.

    yes,those little things mean the world to us.

    hahaha. creative ekkk?
    err... tapi kalo henbeg dah buruk2 tu, pakat le suruh anak buat artwork. leh mintak baru.hehe

    dah prepare. tapi dia asyik pegang pen, suruh kita lukis ultraman. 1 x cukup. mana nak larat.

  9. owhhh sye sokong entri ini abg aznil...erkkk please itu memang meninggalkn impact yg besar


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