Monday, June 30, 2008

Another enjoyable holiday!

Coming back from a looong holiday makes me feel refreshed (and also a bit lazy to get back on track. hehehe). Anyway, I'm so happy the 10 days went out very well, packed with interesting acitivities with family and friends.

On Saturday, the day we arrived, we didn't go out much. We just joined Abah for a simple dinner at the food stalls near the 'markas'.

The next day, early in the morning... Sham brought Adam to the yard to have his first experience walking on the grass. He seemed not so comfortable, perhaps because of the dew that wets the grass.
Later, Acik came with his family. Little Adam was so excited to befriend Iman, but Iman seemed a bit shy, despite the fact that he has always mentioned about meeting little Adam. Anyway, thanks for the walker, Abang Iman!

Packed like sardines in our car, we (5 adults and 2 kids) then went to BM Plaza. See...Intan, Ina & the back seat, trying to self-potrait...and ended up getting Intan's half face. Haha :P

But since the thing we were looking for was no longer there, we just had McD sundae cones. Look, notty Adam is trying to lick the sundae!

So we headed to the famous Teluk Tempoyak, imagining the tempting seafood we would enjoy. But it was just "indah khabar daripada rupa". The food was nothing special's just expensive!

This is the pix of happy Adam, before he started making noise for being bored in the baby chair.
After that, we went to the Feringghi walk- the heaven for shoppers. And mind you, despite being a Penangite, this is my FIRST TIME coming to Batu Feringghi. Hahaha.
There's a long stretch of stalls- ranging from clothing, souvenirs, pirated DVDs, fancy lamps, etc. Yet, I didn't buy my fav hat, as the Nyonya refuse to sell it at the price I bargained for. Before we went back home, we had the usual char koay teow at Permatang Pauh.

Monday- I put the priority to complete my main mission, visiting the industrial training student at DOE Kulim. Then, we went to UiTM Penang to meet Andy. Wanted to make a surprise to Fiza (the long lost friend), but she wasn't in the office. So, Andy and K.Rizan brought us to a restaurant in Kg. Pertama for lunch. The food was awesome! Next time, when it comes to food, I better trust the people of Hotel & Tourism. They sure know better!

Tuesday, we went to DOE Kedah at Alor Setar, still for the same purpose. That evening, Ina & I went to the night market near Kubang Semang. On our way back, Sham asked us to stop by at Abah's fav bundle. Tried on some fancy jacket/sweaters...
I tried one fancy jacket and was panic when I couldn't unzip it. Haha! Glamer jap kat situ.
We had to cut it with scissors...:P
Sham bought himself 4 jackets and I got a trench coat! Hehehe

Mission is still incomplete. So, on Wednesday, I arranged a meeting with the Leow brothers (the twins I gotta know during the Induction course). They brought me for lunch at Permai Tepian, Permatang Nibong a.k.a Rumah Kuning as they call it.

Back to UiTM Penang, appoinment with Ferial was cancelled as she had something, I met Andy again for another plan to meet Fiza. She went missing in action before her wedding. Lucky me, I managed to meet her this time.
We chitchatted as if nothing happened... and later dropped him at the bus terminal (near the jetty). Before she left, she apologized for not keeping in touch, and promised will do so in the future.

Well, let bygones be bygones. It's good enough that she apologized. What matters most, is our friendship...
Before we left Andy's office, Ferial popped in. So, I managed to get a snap of Adam in her arms.

That night, Andy drove Sham & I to Juru for the mouth-watering mee ketam (crab noodles). Wow! If I knew about this place earlier, it'd definitely be my must-go place whenever I'm back to Penang.

Thursday morning, I set a plan for a breakfast with my Indian friend, Netiah. We were colleagues in Intel before...that was 10 years ago. Since I entered UiTM (ITM then) for my diploma, I've never met her again. I was so excited... bcoz she now has a new baby! Anyway, she's still the same skinny yet friendly person. Kouvenia is a big girl now and little Goumetia is cheeky!

Netiah kept saying that I am so lucky to have such a good husband. U hear that, darl?
It must be very obvious that she kept mentioning it. (Thanks, my dear!)

After taking a nap back home, we went out again, for another dash of good food. Hehehe. Keje makan je! This time, it's mee goreng Pokok Ceri, though actually we went there for its well known pasembor.

Whoa! What a great holiday... Besides, I'm glad to see Adam playing with his Tok Wan. When Abah was doing something else, he'd try to attract him, as if inviting him to play together.
After that, we went to Sunway Carnival Mall with Ina, where I bought 2 pieces of long sleeves t-shirts.

Friday came... we only started after Sham came back from Jumaat prayers. This time we enjoyed the ais kacang went to Cik Nab's house in Kg. Pertama. Cik Nab used to send her kids (Ayie & Cumi) to babysit when she's out to work.
That night, Ina & I went to the night market in Penanti. As usual, greedy me bought a lot of food...hehe. The food in here is still damn cheap!

Saturday morning, Sham & I brought Abah to his favourite place, Lorong Kulit a.k.a Rope Walk. Bought some more fancy sweater. Back home, Acik was already waiting. Sham went out fishing with Midi (under the Penang Bridge)...
That evening, I followed Acik's family to Giant for grocery shopping. Since it was raining cats and dogs, we cancelled the plan to go to the Feringghi walk again. Instead, we went to have char koay teow and gossiping along the way. Hahaha...

Sunday... aisey! The holiday is almost coming to an end. I waited the whole day for Sham to come back from fishing, and he only arrived at about 5pm. He got some jenahak, kerapu, bla..bla...(I don't really know the names of fish :P ).
Then, Along, Ina, Abah, Acik's family and my family went to Juru. Actually we wanted to go to the mi ketam restaurant, but it was closed. So we had to go to the restaurant where I announced about my pregnancy before. The service was lousy! Lembab giler!
It was already late...but as promised, we went to Cikgu Ramli's place. I had my body massaged by his wife. Poor Sham & Acik! They were almost asleep waiting for me. hehe.

Monday- packed things up and headed back to Shah Alam.

Sham said, the best things he likes about us going back to Penang are:-
1. So relaxing - unlike when we are in his hometown. Sekejap-sekejap, tolong gi kedai, tolong amik serai, tolong masak, etc.

2. Bundle Abah - we call it 'bundle abah' bcoz Abah could simply take almost anything for free. The owner, Lee would not mind. At most, he charges us RM10 for several good items!

3. Lorong Kulit - a.k.a car boot sale. This is Abah's fav place, where he'll go every weekend for his antique watches & stuff, as well as for his weekly dose of roti canai at a stall in Argyll Road.

4. Makan2 - this one is undeniable! It is always on the top list. Hehe.

Hmmm...back to reality...we've to get back to work. Can't wait for the next holiday!
Endau for the cheap crabs in July/August.
Penang again, for raya this October.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Vaguely Worried

Today, little Cikebum turns 9 months. Wahh…so fast! He’s gonna turn 1 in 3 months.
(Note to Joy: 1 year=12 months, not 10 months. Hehe.)

Yesterday, before I left the office, Joy buzzed me in YM. I thought she’s still in BNE, but she’s back for good in Manila. She told me her worries of not getting married at 32. Worse, she just broke up with her bf.

Me, on the other hand expressed my worries on my good appetite. There’s nothing wrong with it, as I am known for my affection for food. But… I am just curious if there’s ‘something in me’ because it has developed as if I could eat an elephant! Ngeee :P

Yet, I refused to buy a test kit to confirm it.

Let it be...Allah knows the best for me!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The shillyshally comes to an end

After days of procrastination...

at last, I managed to get the 'mood' to start doing things I was supposed to. Hehehe. It took me almost a week! :P

Perhaps my thought is no longer here... it must be wandering to hometown, to the plans ahead, etc.

I texted Abah just now, telling him that we are going back home this weekend. He replied with "Tok wan tunggu Adam & family". That's Abah, a man with very little words. No wonder I find it hard to let him know that I love him and I care for him.

Anyway, I believe that he must be looking forward to seeing us. I myself am so excited, I've been telling Adam since last month that we are gonna meet Tok Wan.

Okay, I better get back to work. Am proud of myself for getting back on track! :P

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy PapaBeaR's Day!

Again, it's the 3rd Sunday of June! Time to celebrate the great dads in the world.

Sham got a card with Adam's palm print (because he doesn't know yet how to sign/initial)... and a big bottle of Moschino Friends. I love U, Sayang!

To my beloved Sham,

When I said "I do", I was in love
But I never knew how much more in love I would be
till I discovered the loving father in u

I may not say it often
but I feel it everyday
Thank u for all the times u've been there
and for the special man u are.

15th June this year is not only Father's Day. But also Abah's birthday.

To my dearest Abah,
(the man of few words but of great wisdom)

Time flies.
In the rush, we forget to stop
and tell the people we love
how much they mean to us

But today, I'd just say
I love u and thank u so much for being my Abah.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

'Mini picnic' by the lake

We spent a few hours by the lake. Adam felt asleep until we reach there for a 'mini picnic'. Then, he had some rice porridge and tried to get closer to the nature...pulling the grass, etc. (Hey, it's environmentally unethical!)

Sham, as usual... is dreaming to start fishing again (like the guy at the background).

He doubted that I have the patience to follow him fishing. But when i went fishing at the Brisbane River, I waited for 3 hours, y'know?)
So, darl... when are u going? Hehe...
Don't worry, if I find it boring, I'll bring along an umbrella, an armchair, a radio, fruit punch...(like Jay did when she followed Michael golfing) :P

Little Cikebum is the lucky one.He got the chance to lick the ice cream Ayah & Mama didn't manage to have last weekend (because he brettt...brettt before we could do anything)

Friday, June 13, 2008

Sin? What sin?

Chocolates? I love chocolates and all forms of chocolates... cakes, cereals, brownies, etc. But not choc ice cream!
Dunno why...I just find it not tempting, or may be because it tastes funny!

It has been a few months since I last met Mas.
Today, since she's in Shah Alam, we planned to meet. After enjoying some seafood pasta topped with melting mozarella, we indulged ourselves with a slice of Walnut brownie. Nyum nyum...

No sin committed. Who said chocs make u fat? I don't only eat chocs, but I love all food! That's why I love buffet. The spread of food looks inviting.

It's great to have a steady weight. I can eat whatever I feel like eating yet I hardly gain a kilo!
Mas, on the other hand is on a weight loss programme (err... so, why the pix shows two forks cutting the brownie?)

Mas...keep up the good work. The next time I see u, u better make my jaw drops!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Being a 'useful' person

After a discussion with the lawyer yesterday, I felt kinda worried about the house we are buying. The condition of the house, the duration of the process, preparing the sum of money... etc.
So, today is the day I feel so-so.

My best frens are not around (attending a 2-week course). So, looks like i'll be a useful person. (Read: fully functioning as i am supposed to).
But i am... blogging. hehehe.

Yesterday, I started doing the thing I have been delaying for ages--filing! My goodness, then only i realized how disorganized I am :P
The documents & bills are still lying around me, but I just don't feel like completing it.

Gosh! Being a useful person is not fun actually. It means that I have to be committed and efficient. So, I better stop now

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Apa lagi yang naik?

Tol naik

Petrol naik

Beras naik

Semua naik

sekarang ni.....

Tomato pun naik :P

Monday, June 9, 2008

Baby's Day Out

I always love Saturdays. Because it's not Friday in which you still gotta go to work...
and it's not Sunday that u have to prepare to go to work the next day.

Yesterday, we went to the lake near Section 7. Just to educate my little boy about the nature.

Look at the naughty little munchkin!
While Sham is posing for the camera...he's busy biting the keropok lekor!

And this pix shows Adam enjoying the rice porridge. He ate a lot!
No wonder, he 'brettt..brett' after that...Hahaha.
So Sham & I had to cancel the plan to enjoy some ice cream while watching the people fishing there.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

At the playground

The weather was we went to the nearby playground.
This playground is somehow very significant because...

1. It's the reason Sham agreed to rent here. He said that it'd be a nice place for him to jog.
(but he never did until today, dari belum kawin...smpi dpt anak.hahaha)

2. It's the place we had the outdoor photography on our wedding day.
(People kept asking "Whoa! So nice. where did u go to take these pictures?") Actually, it's just in front of the house!

Now, it has the 3rd factor to be significant.

Look! Adam is very happy riding the elephant...

And excited to slide by himself... (macam reti je!)

But not so happy when he has to share the swing with Mama.

Last but not least, the family photo... (with the narcist Mama & Ayah) :P

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Will Adam get extra attention again?

Yesterday, I was told that Sue & family will be moving to Ipoh. I thought I could still send Adam to Nenek (her mom), but actually she’s following them too.

Gosh! Another worry…

Adam is being pampered too much by Abg Muharam & Sue.

Sometimes, Abg Muharam would even come all the way from home just to bathe Adam, or to bring him for a stroll before we fetch him.
Sue would patiently spoon the milk to him if he doesn't wanna drink it from the bottle.

I don't think other sitters would be like them, especially when there are too many kids to look after. Where on earth could I get someone like them?

The car is thirsty again

Pumping petrol?
This picture explains it all clearly...

Friday, June 6, 2008

Nurturing creativity

Recently, I voluntarily registered myself for Indoor Team Building. There's where I met Kay again (after we last met in KAP exactly a year ago). It's nice to meet a friend who is still warm though we haven't seen for so long.

In the beginning, I thought it's just a one-day programme...but actually it's from 5th - 6th June.
So, there goes my plan to have a hair wash at the saloon with Najma & hangout with Andy. But it was worthy!

Anyway, I was the only one from my Fac. That's not the issue as I can easily mingle with new people. I was in group 2- we named ourselves BRAVO! There were Tira (Law), K.Yati (Masscomm), K.Yon (Biz), K.Tini (OMT), Abg Zul (Hotel), Kak Dang (who joined later that noon) and a spinster..hehe (Ok...ok.I am being evil here).

But hello... I could easily share ideas with the others, so does it still mean that I am the problematic one around? My God! Why do I have to pair up with her during discussion?

Enough said.

To sum up, we had so much fun. Despite made up of 'veterans'..we managed to record 25 seconds to be the first one completing the task in the Human Pitstop activity. Kesian Abg Zul, mesti sakit blkg kena tanggung berat 45kg. hahaha...

In the Chemistry session, I was in the Orange group, with Freedom as the philosophy. Orange people hate regulations, high spirited, brave, love risks and skillful. No wonder we had a long list of crazy ideas when asked about 'the dream office'. Ada shopping complex la, fine dining la, ada Zen garden, flex working hours, spa/sauna/massage, kat Dubai la..yada yada. Crazee!

Egg Slipper? haha. again, i was assigned to be the model (assuming I am the lightest person). Fortunately, the eggs under the slippers we made did not break.

It was really fun and I enjoyed myself...
Cant wait to join outdoor team building next time ;)

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Who's under the limelight?

At about 11 am something, Ima texted, saying that she's going to the OT. Just about an hour later (may be less), I got another sms. Ima safely gave birth to a baby girl at DEMC. Another C-sect, but that's long as the mom & the baby are safe & healthy (Ish..mcm tengah ajar OSHA pulak)

So, that evening.. Sab & I went searching for a gift and waited for Zana & Zul at the medical centre. We went to the Mutiara room..and tadaaa! there's a tiny li'l girl in her granny's arm.

We were introduced to Dzalia (Whoa! Abu Dzar has a sister now...but he prefers the 'adik tembam' -referring to Adam)

Being actively cheeky, little Adam stole the limelight...
Climbing, banging, mumbling... poor Dzalia, she's no longer the center of attraction!
Ish..ish..ish...anak sapa la yang notty ni?

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