Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Being a 'useful' person

After a discussion with the lawyer yesterday, I felt kinda worried about the house we are buying. The condition of the house, the duration of the process, preparing the sum of money... etc.
So, today is the day I feel so-so.

My best frens are not around (attending a 2-week course). So, looks like i'll be a useful person. (Read: fully functioning as i am supposed to).
But i am... blogging. hehehe.

Yesterday, I started doing the thing I have been delaying for ages--filing! My goodness, then only i realized how disorganized I am :P
The documents & bills are still lying around me, but I just don't feel like completing it.

Gosh! Being a useful person is not fun actually. It means that I have to be committed and efficient. So, I better stop now

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