Friday, June 13, 2008

Sin? What sin?

Chocolates? I love chocolates and all forms of chocolates... cakes, cereals, brownies, etc. But not choc ice cream!
Dunno why...I just find it not tempting, or may be because it tastes funny!

It has been a few months since I last met Mas.
Today, since she's in Shah Alam, we planned to meet. After enjoying some seafood pasta topped with melting mozarella, we indulged ourselves with a slice of Walnut brownie. Nyum nyum...

No sin committed. Who said chocs make u fat? I don't only eat chocs, but I love all food! That's why I love buffet. The spread of food looks inviting.

It's great to have a steady weight. I can eat whatever I feel like eating yet I hardly gain a kilo!
Mas, on the other hand is on a weight loss programme (err... so, why the pix shows two forks cutting the brownie?)

Mas...keep up the good work. The next time I see u, u better make my jaw drops!

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