Sunday, June 8, 2008

At the playground

The weather was we went to the nearby playground.
This playground is somehow very significant because...

1. It's the reason Sham agreed to rent here. He said that it'd be a nice place for him to jog.
(but he never did until today, dari belum kawin...smpi dpt anak.hahaha)

2. It's the place we had the outdoor photography on our wedding day.
(People kept asking "Whoa! So nice. where did u go to take these pictures?") Actually, it's just in front of the house!

Now, it has the 3rd factor to be significant.

Look! Adam is very happy riding the elephant...

And excited to slide by himself... (macam reti je!)

But not so happy when he has to share the swing with Mama.

Last but not least, the family photo... (with the narcist Mama & Ayah) :P

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