Thursday, June 5, 2008

Who's under the limelight?

At about 11 am something, Ima texted, saying that she's going to the OT. Just about an hour later (may be less), I got another sms. Ima safely gave birth to a baby girl at DEMC. Another C-sect, but that's long as the mom & the baby are safe & healthy (Ish..mcm tengah ajar OSHA pulak)

So, that evening.. Sab & I went searching for a gift and waited for Zana & Zul at the medical centre. We went to the Mutiara room..and tadaaa! there's a tiny li'l girl in her granny's arm.

We were introduced to Dzalia (Whoa! Abu Dzar has a sister now...but he prefers the 'adik tembam' -referring to Adam)

Being actively cheeky, little Adam stole the limelight...
Climbing, banging, mumbling... poor Dzalia, she's no longer the center of attraction!
Ish..ish..ish...anak sapa la yang notty ni?

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