Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Vaguely Worried

Today, little Cikebum turns 9 months. Wahh…so fast! He’s gonna turn 1 in 3 months.
(Note to Joy: 1 year=12 months, not 10 months. Hehe.)

Yesterday, before I left the office, Joy buzzed me in YM. I thought she’s still in BNE, but she’s back for good in Manila. She told me her worries of not getting married at 32. Worse, she just broke up with her bf.

Me, on the other hand expressed my worries on my good appetite. There’s nothing wrong with it, as I am known for my affection for food. But… I am just curious if there’s ‘something in me’ because it has developed as if I could eat an elephant! Ngeee :P

Yet, I refused to buy a test kit to confirm it.

Let it be...Allah knows the best for me!

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