Saturday, June 14, 2008

'Mini picnic' by the lake

We spent a few hours by the lake. Adam felt asleep until we reach there for a 'mini picnic'. Then, he had some rice porridge and tried to get closer to the nature...pulling the grass, etc. (Hey, it's environmentally unethical!)

Sham, as usual... is dreaming to start fishing again (like the guy at the background).

He doubted that I have the patience to follow him fishing. But when i went fishing at the Brisbane River, I waited for 3 hours, y'know?)
So, darl... when are u going? Hehe...
Don't worry, if I find it boring, I'll bring along an umbrella, an armchair, a radio, fruit punch...(like Jay did when she followed Michael golfing) :P

Little Cikebum is the lucky one.He got the chance to lick the ice cream Ayah & Mama didn't manage to have last weekend (because he brettt...brettt before we could do anything)

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