Friday, June 6, 2008

Nurturing creativity

Recently, I voluntarily registered myself for Indoor Team Building. There's where I met Kay again (after we last met in KAP exactly a year ago). It's nice to meet a friend who is still warm though we haven't seen for so long.

In the beginning, I thought it's just a one-day programme...but actually it's from 5th - 6th June.
So, there goes my plan to have a hair wash at the saloon with Najma & hangout with Andy. But it was worthy!

Anyway, I was the only one from my Fac. That's not the issue as I can easily mingle with new people. I was in group 2- we named ourselves BRAVO! There were Tira (Law), K.Yati (Masscomm), K.Yon (Biz), K.Tini (OMT), Abg Zul (Hotel), Kak Dang (who joined later that noon) and a spinster..hehe (Ok...ok.I am being evil here).

But hello... I could easily share ideas with the others, so does it still mean that I am the problematic one around? My God! Why do I have to pair up with her during discussion?

Enough said.

To sum up, we had so much fun. Despite made up of 'veterans'..we managed to record 25 seconds to be the first one completing the task in the Human Pitstop activity. Kesian Abg Zul, mesti sakit blkg kena tanggung berat 45kg. hahaha...

In the Chemistry session, I was in the Orange group, with Freedom as the philosophy. Orange people hate regulations, high spirited, brave, love risks and skillful. No wonder we had a long list of crazy ideas when asked about 'the dream office'. Ada shopping complex la, fine dining la, ada Zen garden, flex working hours, spa/sauna/massage, kat Dubai la..yada yada. Crazee!

Egg Slipper? haha. again, i was assigned to be the model (assuming I am the lightest person). Fortunately, the eggs under the slippers we made did not break.

It was really fun and I enjoyed myself...
Cant wait to join outdoor team building next time ;)

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