Monday, November 5, 2012

U mean, u too? #high5

What a lovely day today.
Despite the 'severe thunderstorm' alert in Adelaide Metropolitan and several places later today, I really enjoy the not-so-cold-and-not-too-sunny weather :)

Actually, there's a lot in my mind. A lot to write.
But when it comes to prioritizing... writing a research proposal comes first, before writing blog entries, kan? Hehehe
Elehhh... cakap berapi pasal prioritizing tasks. Dah tu, yang dok kalut lagi nak buat slides untuk presentation this Thurday tu, apa kes? Hehehe.

Alaaa... I work best under pressure.
Ada pressure baru keje jalan

I gottago. See you later, alligator.


  1. me too! selalu work the best & productive bila under pressure/ last minute :p

  2. sometimes ideas will flow when we work under pressure. hehe

  3. kalo presentation on thursday, monday dah buat, tu bkn procrastinator lg tuh. tu budak skema in my book!


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