Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Make silly puppet with ur kids

Bila gatal tangan nak buat craft bodo-bodo, all we need is just a kid (ours is better) as an excuse. Hehehe. Nak cover malu dah besar gajah pun nak main puppet lagi.

Then, u need
  • a cardboard
  • glue
  • googly eyes
  • a sock (or a pair)... in this case, aku guna sarung lengan yang aku jahit kat hujung tu jadi macam socks.

Cut the cardboard into a circle/oval... and fold it into two.

Put some glue
...and paste it onto the socks (yang korang dah turned inside out)

Turn it inside out again. And paste the googly eyes.

Heee... tengok ni dah jadi...

It can bite my nose.

And two puppets can talk to each other...

and they are ready to attack Ayah!!!
Yeahhhh...makan Ayah's earssssss....

Kalo rajin sikit, boleh tampal kain kaler lain kat dalam mulut dia... and a strip of red fabric for the tongue.

Making our little ones smile is easy- a hand puppet is enough.
And it's cheap too!


  1. kreatif jugak rupanye kak belle nih..jimat duit..

  2. hahaha
    comellll beb!
    kreatif betul!

  3. elissmie,
    try le buat dgn nuha.

    lps gian.

    puppet yg comel ke adam yg comel?haha

  4. super duper cute yang!
    sure lil adam sronok abes kan?

    wanna make for my zahraa lol!

  5. rajinnyee buat puppet dgn anak2 hehehe..

  6. good idea sis.. nak ajar fitri buat puppet juga lah kasi dia tak buli adik..

  7. nnt weekend leh cuba heheh.

  8. boleh try la nnti. adam sgt cheeky la!

  9. knur pernah buat. lps tu kan abis semua socks Knur diaorg tanya "Mama, nak pakai lg tak?". Abis Mama dioarg ni tak de socks. hehe

  10. i nak tukar sikit: make silly puppet with your students hehe mesti dorang enjoy sbb tgk adam happy je :D

  11. Pasha macam kurang minat jer hand puppet ni... baru ternampak puppet mickey tergolek atas lantai..


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