Monday, March 7, 2011

Celebrities dark secrets

Everybody has secrets. So do those famous people kan?
Meh kita tengok sikit...

dark secrets of celebrities05

Teri Hatcher

She was raped by her uncle.

---dia pernah reveal dalam Oprah kalo tak silap aku.

dark secrets of celebrities06

Tobey Maguire

His father robbed banks.

---woh..patutlah dia menghayati watak Spiderman, nak jadi hero ropanya!

dark secrets of celebrities01

Charlize Theron

Her mother killed her father in front of her.

“On the farm my father often got drunk and came home not only with his fists, but with the rifle, and threatened us with it. One day, he really pulled the trigger, but the mother at the last moment was able to take the rifle from him and protect herself and me…”

---selama bertahun2 bila diinterview, dia cover mengatakan bapak dia mati eksiden dan cepat2 tukar topik.

dark secrets of celebrities02

Leighton Meester and Boris Moiseev

Both of them were born in the prison.
Who would have thought that the stars of the show “Gossip Girl” Leighton Meester and Boris Moiseyev has something in common! They were both born in prison. Mom Layton was sentenced to 10 years in prison for drug smuggling, and mother of Boris was a political prisoner.

---ni baru betul 'salah ibu mengandung'

dark secrets of celebrities03

Lera Kudryavtseva

Her second husband sat in jail for rape and robbery.

---kesiannn. eh, btw, sape minah ni?

dark secrets of celebrities04

Jack Nicholson

His sister turned out to be his mother.
It is the Time Magazine who dug out in the 1976 that Jack Nicholson’s sister is actually his mother and the woman whim he thought of as his mother was his grandmother.

---apa kes sampai boleh konpius cenggini?

dark secrets of celebrities07

Oprah Winfrey

She had a baby at the age of 14.

---ni macam jaman mak-mak kita jer... apa nak pelik?

dark secrets of celebrities08

Angelina Jolie

The former lover of the actress became a godmother of her twins.
Two actresses Jenny Shimizu and Angelina Jolie are more then just friends. They are also ex lovers and they say they still have a strong emotional bond connecting them. This bond is so strong that Angelina even asked Jenny to become a godmother to her twins.

---ooo..Lesbo ekk?

dark secrets of celebrities09

Woody Allen

He married his stepdaughter.

---aiyarkk..biar bonar!!!

dark secrets of celebrities10

Lucy Liu

As a child she worked in a factory.

---lerr...ini pun kira dark secret ke? Ek-elehhh

Hmm..kalo korang la jadi celebrity, aku tak nak tanya korang nak reveal tak...dah nama pun secret kan?

Tapi aku nak tau... ada tak dark secret yang korang rasa 'boom' macam tu?


  1. haha
    macam-macam gosip la u ni belle

  2. syyhhhh...

    saya ada susuk emas kat cuping telinga

  3. syyy

    My real name is Wolverine...

    screeeeeechhhh :)

  4. wohoho!! yang beranak dlm jail tu mmg takleh blahhh..bila besau boleh jadi feymes yaw! ;P
    btw, Lera Kudryavtseva tu mcm patung je!!!

  5. hahahahah memula nak komen tapi lepas baca komen tijah pasal susuk emas kat telinga, terbahak-bahak i ketawa... :D

  6. Dark secret?hmmmm I used to be lizards killer. :P

  7. hahahh..nasib baik aku xjd celebrity..silap2 ada la 'dark secret' aku yg terkeluar nnt..hahaha..

  8. h4nie,
    sesekali kena buat yang sensasi

    bahahahaha...patutla cuping telinga lawo.

    jambangnye mana?

    tu la, yg beranak kat spital, x femes2 gak.

    skrg dah taubat?

    ngeh3. u xnak boh susuh kat ketiak ke?

    haha.sebab tu la i x jadi celebrity (alasan x boleh blah)

  9. dark secret? kasi color hitam je dah lah...

  10. dark secret? if i tell u than it will no longer be my dark secret..haha


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