Tuesday, March 29, 2011

5 BAD habits yang BAGUS

Sape takde bad habits kan? Gigit kuku ke, gedik-gedik kaki bila tunggu orang, malas mandi... -u name it. Haaa... jangan tak tau... ada several bad habits yang bagus jugak tau!

2. Fidgeting

If I knew this earlier, I might argue with older people who used to ask me to sit still (when I was a lil girl). Hahaha.
Know why? A small study by the Mayo Clinic found that obese people burned 350 fewer calories from non-exercise activities a day than thin people.
Why? Slimmer people tend to be more fidgety during their daily activities, while overweight folks sit still. Fidgeting can't take the place of regular exercise, though - but hey, now we have more reasons to wiggle and gedik-gedik kaki la to keep fit. (But don't do it when attending interviews!)

2. Coffee
Well, it's bad...but it keeps u awake and is a powerful source of antioxidants. Hence the risks of liver/colon cancer, Parkinson's disease and type 2 diabetes are reduced.
If u don't fancy coffee, black tea is also good.

3. Surfing the web
U must read this!
A study at the University of California at Los Angeles found that just one week of frequent Web browsing can increase your brain's complex-reasoning hubs. "When you're using the Internet, you're controlling your short-term memory and decision-making abilities," says Gary Small, a physician and professor of psychiatry at UCLA. "It's good to exercise that part of the brain and gain useful mental talents that help us in everyday life."
Hahaha... Now I won't feel bad blogging at work. Eh, is blogging inclusive? :P

4. Unmade beds
Although a nicely made bed is comfy and pleasant to the eyes, if you don't let your mattress and sheets air out in the morning, you could be welcoming some extra bed buddies (say, 1.5 million of microscopic dust mites that feed on scales of human skin and cause asthma and other allergies!!!)
"Beds covered with sheets and bedspreads can stay moist enough to provide an ongoing 'bed and breakfast' for dust mites," says Allen P. Rathey, president of The Healthy House Institute.

From now on, if I don't have the time to make my bed, I'd say I'm giving the bedsheet time to air and dry out before tucking it in again.
Lame! :P

5. Chewing gum
Again, this is not to be done during an interview!
However, popping a piece of chewing gum can help you focus, relieve stress and stave off hunger "Chewing gum can relieve tension because it's sort of like punching a pillow. It helps take the focus off whatever it is you're stressing about and helps release nervous energy," says Marjorie Nolan, registered dietitian and national spokesperson for the American Dietetic Association.

Moreover, chewing sugar-free gum keeps our teeth healthy by clearing away food residue and increases saliva production.


  1. heheheh..bagus nih..pasni fifi takleh nak bebel lagi la kalo bini dia asik duk layan tenet je. :P

  2. i suka makan chewing gum tp xreti nak buat belon pop pop tu huhuhu

  3. my bad habits will be for no 1,3 & 4. No 2- I don't fancy coffee or even black tea. No 5- I also never like to chew gum and hate when my students do that in class.

  4. psl no 3 tu i setuju sgt. hear hear!

  5. hmm.. i ada niat nk berhenti minum coffee sbb i rasa i dah teraddict dgn dasyat nyer.. (ape punya statement).. tp.. nampak gaya mcm i akan membantutkan je niat i tu.. bukan byk pun..sehari secawan je pun.. buleh kan?? ngeeeeeeee :p .. nnti kalau hubby tanya y, i bagi je la link page u ni..kakakakaka..tqvm!!!

  6. aha,..blogging is included! i'm quite sure. sbb tu kita punya abality untuk control memory kita sgt baik..hehe..yo la kan..

  7. wouldn't that then be good habits?

    hehehe erk!

  8. nape haku rasa macam ada semua bad habit nih? hahahaha.


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