Monday, November 30, 2009

What to wear?

This coming Friday, I'll be attending a dinner and the theme is elegant/glam.

Now I am wondering of what to wear. As usual, I always wanna look my best esp. at such events, but I dont wanna overdo it. Kang mak sorang je melaram sakan, ada pulak diva yang makan hati!

Anyway, last semester's dinner, the award for the so-called-prom-queen was given to a colleague. Later, some students told me that actually, they decided to give it to me in the first place, but considering that people might complain why is it always, they purposely gave it to another person.

Gambar hanyalah cadangan hiasan

Hahaha. Hampes x?
So, I suppose there's no point for me to put extra effort la to look good next time.
But that's the dinner with students.

The one on this Friday is organized by the faculty (attended by staff). So, should I or shouldn't I dress up?

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Another year

Another year to create

precious memories together.

Another year to discover

new things to enjoy about each other.

Another year to build

a life rich in love and laughter.

Another year to strengthen

a marriage that defines “forever.”

Happy Anniversary, dear!

(Poem by Joanna Fuchs)

Monday, November 23, 2009

What makes him so special?

*An entry in conjunction of our 3rd anniversary*

Hey peeps, have a glimpse at your better half's pic now.
Look into his eyes (err...the pics, I mean) and ask yourself- what made u attracted to him when u first courted him?

The reasons we fall in love are often a mystery, yet the reasons we stay in love are far less elusive.

Mine might not be a perfect partner, but he is an ideal one for me. The set of qualities that our partners possess has made us go beyond looks, charms and success. Those qualities might be uniquely meaningful to us alone, but now let's talk about what makes a man special in our eyes.

Ideal partners should have physical, emotional and verbal affection that demonstrate the feelings of warmth and tenderness. Don't talk about sexual affection here, bcoz when we first got to know our partner, it's not in the list.

Boy, I was afraid if MrHubby (MrBoyfren, then) would find it awkward to display his affection as he was not of that type. Fortunately he changed as time goes by. Hahaha. Padan muka dapat bini yang suka PDA (public display of affection).

Having a non-affectionate partner must be pathetic, eh? Kontrol macho konon. Sepak kang, baru tau...

Well, marriage is a two-way communication, thus should be enjoyed by giving and accepting the pleasure of company.

Understanding and empathetic

Who would want a non-understanding partner to share his/her life with? Gila wei tanggung emosi sorang-sorang.

Couples should be aware of the commonalities between them and understanding is the key to appreciate the differences. Empathy is also important to communicate with respect and feeling the wants, attitudes and values, so we feel appreciated. Do u agree with me?

Sense of humour
I strongly believe that most of us love to laugh together with our mates. It is in fact a lifesaver in a relationship. You wouldn't wanna laugh alone at your own jokes, would u?

This quality will help to ease the tense moments in a relationship. Well in the first year of our courtship, I was worried if he wouldn't understand why was I behaving childishly. But now I am proud to say that I am playful and love teasing him...

You know... I know some couples whose husband have to start the jokes with "Darla, I'm gonna tell a joke now, eh..." (Poor guy!)

Well, even Ning Baizura during her single days (so are the other sexy female celebrities in Malaysia) when asked of the characters they look for in the opposite gender, the typical answer would be..."Oh...saya nak lelaki yang beriman."

What the.

Anyway, as a matter of fact...I find guys who have extra knowledge on the religion attractive! It's great to see that there's still plenty of guys out there who could recite the Quran well, who could advise us with dalil naqli to support their stand or who intelligently discuss religious matters wisely. These people sure have a bonus point in my eyes!

Full of patience.
This is amongst the top of my list bcoz it takes a very mentally-tough person to endure with a bad-tempered person like me.

No man can be my life partner if they are lacking at this. Enough said.

We should be sensitive to the wants and desires of our better-halves, value each other’s interests and be supportive of the goals in life. Some people find it hard to practice, but the key is simple- communicate.

I am an expressive person, hence there's no excuse for MrHubby to say "Oh, sorry dear...I didnt know that!"

However, while we closely share emotions, we still have to be respectful of one another’s personal boundaries.

Hahaha...MrHubby was so not-fat b4 I left him for my study

Grown up

Basically, all of us are grown ups. But what I mean here is maturity that make people act like an adult.

I used to have several not-so-matured bfs once ago, and it was like knocking my own head on the wall. Sakit hati ada partner yang x cukup matang! So, I told myself it's a no-no to settle down with this kinda men.

Grown-ups won't go for someone to compensate their weaknesses or shortcomings. Neither would they complete their incompleteness. It's more on having a spouse with qualities similar to ours, with whom we can share life in a compatible way.

For whatever qualities that MrHubby possesses, I am grateful to have him.

For whatever qualities he is lacking, I'd remind myself two things...

-He'll improve one day

-I myself have weaknesses to improve...

Friday, November 20, 2009

Ai-lep-yu, Mama

1. Please

2. Thank u

3. I love u

Those are the 3 little words/phrases that have a huge impact on other people's life.
I have been teaching Adam to say those words.

I started demanding for the word "Please..." from him when he asked for bonbon or candies. After several attempts, he uttered it clearly..."Mama..piiiiiis"

And boy, I was so glad!!! Tak kira la peas or...peace or piss... I know what he means!

Then, I demanded that he says "Thank u" when I gave him toys and whatnot. I was turned down in the beginning, but after a few times...he put a smile on my face with his gibberish "Tengkiu, mama."

There's an exception though, when I gave him the bonbon. Mulut dah penuh, camna nak cakap kan? :P

Last but not least, recently I wanted him to say "I love u" to me. Again, just like before...he was reluctant to articulate the words.
But now, he could say it loud and clear... "Ai-lep-yu, Mama" when I hand him his Ultraman.

Oh, he sure knows how to melt my heart! And for that, he's always showered with hugs and kisses from me.

However, MrHubby never got any of those magic words from Cikebum. Hahaha.

Not only that. Cikebum has also develop a passion on scribbling with the pen. The problem is he doesn't scribble/draw by himself, instead he pulls my hand to draw Ultraman & monster/dinosaur for him.

And bcoz there are times when I am lazy to entertain him...this was what I got last week...

"Aaaadaaaaammmmmm.... heiiii...nak kena nih!!!"

Maka comot la beg Alicewonders yang Mama dapat hadiah aritu. Huhu...

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Isabelle turns Isabelly!

Once upon a time...
Venue: Rent house

Me : Hoh? I now have a spare tyre!
Along : Sudah la kau, dik... U don't even have a stomach!
Me : Really. U see... I have extra flesh here on my tummy.
K.Ya : Like this haa...(pinching her own tummy)...baru la kira buncit!

....and those were the days...


When I sit, I can pinch my belly...
Hmmm... the donuts I've been eating all this while has ended up around my waist eventually.

This pic...

when closed-up...

...seems pretty much like my belly (minus the sugar). Hahaha. Boleh la buat belly dance kat MrHubby when he's back from the one-week course :P

But that also means...There goes my 'donut galore days'. Huwaaa... :(

The best part is...people still say that I'm slim. Thank goodness for the height!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Why do u make-up?

Make ups are cosmetics applied to the face to improve or change your appearance. We powder the face to avoid a shiny look and set the finish after applying foundation. Concealers are used to hide spots or dark circles under the eyes and we apply lipstick/lipgloss to cover the paleness of our lips.

As I was putting on my usual routine of covering my weaknesses yesterday, MrHubby asked me, "Dear, why do ladies put on make-ups?"

My genuine answer was quite similar to the above.

And he continued...What if someone esp.of the opposite gender tells the lady that her make-up is not beautifying her, makes her look terrible?

That's a good question.

Okay...let's ask ourselves. Why do we apply those cosmetics onto our face?
Some might say - to make them look good, to tackle the heart of someone in their offices, to boost their confidence, yada...yada...

Well, whatever the reasons might be, we must reset the intention (niat) once in a while. It is known that Muslim women are not supposed to display their beauty to ajnabi men.

All ladies deserve to be appreciated, respected, and admired. At work, an improved appearance, one would gain attention and respect bcoz of the confidence. But somehow, sometimes...we forgot our initial niat. Pahala tak dapat, dosa dok bertimbun...

Well, u know... some fully-insured mouth say...

"Ish..bini sapa tu? Buruk sungguh! How could the husband stand looking at her everyday like that?"

"That lady with the oily face-is she a lecturer? Why does she look like a contractor?

"Orang lain pun ada anak jugak, tapi takde la selekeh macam tu..."

Not that I'm saying that I am really concern of what people say. This is bcoz I am lucky to have a concern husband who'd be my mirror everyday.

He's the one who'd tell me if my make up is too much (siap tolong tenyehkan blusher lagi), or he'd tell me if the colour combination is not right. MrHubby would also comment if my blouse is too sexy or the skirt I wear couldn't hide the panty line.

Once in a while, he'd remind me of the intention so that it is not diverted.

Back to MrHubby's question-(assuming my readers are the I-cant-live-without-makeup type)- What if someone esp.of the opposite gender tells u that your make-up makes u look terrible?

I'd's gonna be like a slap on my face. Hahaha. Anyway, beauty is subjective. Yes, it lies in the eyes of the beholder. Tapi orang bodoh je akan mengamuk dan beria-ia menegakkan yang apa yang dia pakai tu cantik (alasan:orang lain tak cakap pun buruk!) Hello, orang lain tu maybe tak sampai hati nak bagitau, knowing ur attitude yang xboleh ditegur!

And of course, whilst we try to look our best with the make ups, it is also important to make sure that it is not tabarruj... (berhias berlebih-lebihan).

Married ladies- well, u know why...

Single ladies- don't u keep the intention to pancing/cari calon with the make up! Sungguh keji niat itu.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Scam? How do u deal with it?

My mind is not peaceful right now, bcoz of a swindling diddle.
How do u deal with these scams, ay?

I have tried to be nice to them, allowing sufficient time, but apparently it didn't help much. (Hati mesti busuk, baru boleh puas kot?!)

Hey, I gtg now... am off to a site, for sampling. Hahaha. Yes, I am serious now (see, I am not grinning as usual).

While the end of year is approaching, I think I have had enough momentum by now. Next year, I'm gonna rock the, poyo x agak-agak. Errr....I mean, I will be very productive next year.

Please remind me if I were too occupied with blogging next year. Hahaha (as if...)

Monday, November 9, 2009

Hinting for presents

My ticker today shows that there's 17days left to our 3rd anniversary. I have been thinking of what to buy for MrHubby.

Since he has been talking about his new interest in bowling, plus the tournaments he'll be joining this coming weekend, I decided to buy him this set...

Bowling ball, shoes & bag

Yesterday, we went to OU and Alam Sentral looking for it...and we ended up buying at this shop...

Cikebum was also bz rolling the balls over & 'tidying up' the shop.

MrHubby with his anniversary present.

MrHubby: Thank u, Centa.

Me: A'ah. Huwaaa...there goes the swipe for this month :P

MrHubby: I surely will win in the tournament this weekend.

Me: But the team always lose if I support it. It's a taboo.

MrHubby: Alaaa..which one is more important? Winning the game or getting support from my dear wife?

Me: Iye lah tu...

MrHubby: return, I'll buy u a mixer. Hehehe.

Me: (*pretending to mumble) Huh? How much is a mixer? Still cheaper than the present I bought.

MrHubby: Okaylah...then, I'll buy u an epilator.

Me: (*pretending to mumble again) Huh? Epilator is also not that expensive.
Err...Ayah, do u want me to bake u cakes?

MrHubby: Of course, I do.

Me: And u wouldn't want to find (armpit) hair in the cakes I bake, wouldn't u?

MrHubby: (*knowing my trick) Huh? In that case, we can just buy the cakes from bakeries la.

Me: (Alamak! Taktik x menjadi!!!) Err... finding other people's hair in a cake rather than your wife's must be creepier kan? Kan?

MrHubby: Iye lah, Mama...notty ni!!!


The fact is...Whenever I wish to get a present from him, I'd pretend mumbling or mengigau-ngigau using that thing.

e.g :
Out of the blue, I close my eyes and pretend holding the car steering and make the 'tin-tin' sound (konon nak mintak keta le nih).

When the topic about the upcoming birthday/anniversary/Valentines is discussed, I suddenly pretended blowing my hair with the 'voo...vooo' sound coming out from my mouth (kes nak mintak hair dryer once ago). Hahaha.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Adam & Mamapasha's cuppies

My Saturday morning was spent swimming at Mamapasha's place. Oh yeah...but no pix of the activities (Mamapasha, ayo..emailin ke aku donk!)

Speaking of Mamapasha the baker, last week she gave me some of her cuppies. For a person with sweet tooth like me, it's never a 'no'. Hehehe. Nyum2...

I got three of these 6 cuppies...and some homemade chocolates too.

Back home...Cikebum was excited to try one after another...

Mulut penuh pun, capai lagi...
Bersungguh-sungguh suap...
And he was happy just looking at the cute li'l cuppies...
"Mama, do I look cute if I pout my mouth like this?"

Eh...why is this cupcake doesn't have a heart choc in it?"
Let me put one...
And he was happy

Thursday, November 5, 2009


When we were small, aiskrim potong was a must after a tiring day at school. *drool*
"Pakcik, eskrem potong satu!"

When our hair grows long, we think of having it cut.
"Jangan la potong rambut tu. Sayang la..."

This potong, that potong... (oh..cute pulak sebut *potong potong potong* byk kali) Hahaha.

However, recently...the term 'potong' has become popular again, due to the war campaign between P1w1max and Streamyx. The latter was so daring to pawn the former by using the same word.

If previously the question "Dah potong?" was so synonym with P1w1max, now...u have to listen to the ads attentively to ensure whether it belongs to that company or TM's Streamyx.

P1 Potong Campaign


What's funny is when they also use the tagline "Faster and more enjoyable" -- haha! What a misleading ads! I mean, with the double meaning it carries :P

Bcoz of that, there's a mixed reactions from different groups of people. Some find it insulting, while some would just smile to themselves while driving while the ads is aired on the radio.

Yesterday, while invigilating the exams...a colleague of mine (Chinese) came in to monitor his students. So, we had a whispering chat...

Me : AD, I heard ur Program is moving to Pilah campus next year.
AD : Yes, only the junior lecturers.
Me : Oh... I thought it involves the whole Program.
AD : No. The seniors will stay.
Me : Okay la...then u can be the Head there.
AD : No la...This...(showing his skin colour). Unless if I 'potong' first la.
Me : Hahaha. Then, u potong la...

....*and we giggled in the quiet exam hall*...


This morning, my officemate, DrTan (Winie) invigilated the exam for Stephen's (also a Chinese) paper. After asking the students to tie up Answer Booklets A & B together, she collected and sent them to the Exam Room...

Stephen : Aiyaa...why didn't u separate Booklet A & B?
Winie : U came in twice to monitor, but U didn't say anything.
Stephen : Ohh..okay.
Winie : Ne'er mind. Count them first la...
Stephen : Ah... yes. Then, later I potong la.
Shahril : (the Exam committee, overheard it) What? U belum potong aaa?
Stephen : Aiyaa... nanti I potong la.

And they laughed.

Haihhh...How the word potong is so popular nowadays!!!

So, friends...korang dah potong???

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

My Funniest Baby Contest

I am putting up this pic........

Cikebum Fabregas Zuhair Tapioca
25mths (now), 9mths (then)

for this contest...

This contest is open for babies/toddlers up to 3 years of age. Mine falls under Category B (boy).

Prizes are sponsored by:

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Sponsor 2 : IT@RLiiT's BeutiQue & Beuty Centre (
Comfy ladies clothing with boutique designs at reasonable price and beauty & health products like Eumora & ECPI.

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How to join?
- Be a follower of Umidanish and the sponsors and add her in the bloglist
- Put up the banner on the sidebar with the link
- In the entry, upload only one photo of ur baby, with his/her funny face
- Don't forget to mention what's in the blog of the sponsors
- Once done, leave a comment here.
-Judges decisions are final, what's more special is a lucky draw will be done by Baby Danish!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Is it just my mindset or...?

Hello peeps! Do u remember when I blogged about my sleepless nights since the past two weeks and the non-stop cold/cough I had?

Yes, it was for about a fortnight and it didn't stop even after I went to the clinic twice to get various types of meds. I was also prescribed with sleeping pills-but my eyes were still wide until 5 or 5.30am! Giler chargas tak bertempat!

Those sleepless nights have seen me being productive marking exam scripts and writing my book, but I wasn't happy bcoz somehow I still need my beauty sleep.

Wahahaha... (mode: berangan jadi Sleeping Beauty)

Last Sunday, I went to the Bazarena Stadium (a.k.a Pasar Pagi or car-boot-sale, whatever u call it)...and I suddenly decided to buy this out of the blue...

Some of u might have heard of it. I'd like to emphasize here that I am not a dealer/distributor whatnot of this product...but it just crossed my mind to try it.

As heard on the radio (I hate listening the echoed voice repeating the word 'ECPI' for about 10X in an ads)... this multi-purpose water is said to cure various types of illnesses.

So back home, I gulped down a glass of it and voila!!! I slept soundly!

I did wake up in the middle of the night, but I had not trouble closing my eyes again. Hahaha. Magic tak?

Anyway, MrHubby said...perhaps I was too exhausted after going here and there during the day. So, yesterday, I tried again...

Well, yesterday was a working day (which is very different as compared to Sunday, when I started drinking it). And I slept uninterrupted until morning (exc. when Cikebum climbed on me for his bonbon)!

So, today, I wonder whether it really works or it is just my mindset (but I wasn't having a high expectation about this ECPI thingy).

I googled and discovered this...

ECPI Water is produced by a combination of different types of water treatment systems such as:

  • Activated carbon filtration.
  • Ultra violet light disinfection
  • Ozone disinfection
  • Reverse Osmosis
  • Alkaline
  • Oxygenation
  • Deionization and
  • Electromagnetic wave technology

How does it work?

In this process, energy wave patterns of food supplements, multivitamins, pro hormones and organ codes are transmitted into ECPI water molecules. These energy wave patterns will form chains of stable memory patterns in ECPI water and enhance its energy level. when you drink ECPI water, the central nervous system (CNS) reads the energy wave patterns in it and transmits the same to various parts of the body according to their needs.

I teach my students several water purification technologies, but never discussed of the results of combined methods like this. Hmmm... an assignment for the students next sem, perhaps? Hehehe.

Or..have any of u tried...and would like to share some info with me?

Monday, November 2, 2009

Going golfing

After so much persuasion and inducement by reasoning... MrHubby & I finally went golfing with my boss, DrWan yesterday. Hahaha... the driving range...

It was fun for a first-timer like me. Oh yes, the fun started with the jakun-me snapping pix here and there. Ngeee :P

Cikebum was busy with the golf balls.

Then, the sifu taught MrHubby the tricks and skills...
from A... Z

While DrWan was hitting the balls, Cikebum pun enterframe... Haishhh... terbukak la!!! :P
(Haha. Actually DrWan was correcting MrHubby on holding the club the right way) this...

Okay, dear...One



Eleh..eleh...manja le tu!

Then I said "Ayah, cuba cover sikit peyut tuncit tu. Baru nmpk berkepak sikit dada tu."
MrHubby replied "Kepak? Kepak macam ni ye? (*mengepak mcm ayam) Hehehehe."

Cikebum, after so much enterframing, he played with his Thomas

sampai tertonggeng-tonggeng (though the floor was not uneven!)

Then, came the time for the little golfer to be in action... this is the culprit!!!

Me, as usual...mesti ada jugak. Save the best for the last la... :P

err...where's my ball? (macam PCK la pulak)

Overall, we had a good time. Addicted to it? Err... we'll think about it.

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