Thursday, July 31, 2008

Malay translated

I was in Dr Wan’s office just now, asking for his assistance to prepare a letter to visit a giant company. He was like “What? Write a letter?”

Until we sat together, finding the right words to create nice sentences…then only he said “Oh..No wonder u asked for my help.” (it's difficult to describe some statements in English)

Then we started rambling desultorily to direct translation from Malay to English.

I said… no guy can ever be proud if he claims that "last night I had a one night stand" as it could mean "semalam saya satu malam berdiri"…Hahaha! It just turns out hilarious!

Another one that I could recall is Joy (my Filipino housemate in BNE). She always swears “Holy crap!” which is literally translated as “tahi suci”.

Inten and I used to make fun of the term by translating it into “Kepiting!” (or ketam –in Bahasa Indonesia) that is crab instead of crap).

Well, Malaysians are just polite or trying to be nice, perhaps.

We sometimes ‘hello’ people with a blatantly obvious question such as “Makan ke?” while the person might be spooning his/her food into his mouth.

And for a gag, one might answer it with a cynical “No, I’m jogging.” Or “No, I’m washing the dishes.” (buat-buat tanya pulak!)

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I laugh bcoz I can...

How do u laugh?
Hahaha? :) or Kah..kah...kah?
Hehehe? :D or perhaps Hihihi?
Hohoho? or Huhuhu?


Mwahahahahaha.... (LOL, rolling)?

When I think of annoying laughter, I remember the advice in the Quran...

And be moderate (or show no insolence) in your walking, and lower your voice. Verily, the harshest of all voices is the voice (braying) of a donkey.’ (Luqman: 19)

Whether u laugh or chuckle, there are various reasons people laugh.
The first and most obvious reason is, something is funny. Someone makes a joke and everyone busts out in laughter...ha ha ha ha ha ha... There may be some that don't laugh out loud and that's okay - they're still laughing inside.

It takes a lot for some people to laugh out loud. Some people are just embarrassed, some are just too reserved. Then there are others who laugh out loud for no reason at everything. But it's not a real laugh, it's a dribbled effortless laugh.

Every time they speak, they laugh, every time someone else speaks, they laugh. Not because they are nervous, or scared, they just have a lapse in their social skills.

They can't carry a conversation so they fill in the blanks by "laughing." They have nothing to bring to the table, no insight, no breaking news stories, anecdotes, no nothing, just fake laughter.

Unless the conversation is about them, they have nothing to say, but "hee hee..."

So now everyone is forced to listen to this cackling hyena from across the room spin tales about themselves and their uninspired life. A little laugh here, a little laugh there and a little, "look everyone thinks I'm so intelligent" laugh.

All that laughing is covering something up . It's covering up your ineptitude. But keep it up, apparently it's working!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Today's update

Look at Adam's notty face here- with his 'goldfish mouth'. Hahaha

Not only that he can now clap his hands when we sing "Pok amai-amai"...
He can also babble "bwa bwa...bwa bwa.." gibberishly with his hands at his mouth.
You should have seen the proud looks on Mama's face!

(p/s: note his tiny tooth in the pix below)

Well, folks...all worries must come to an end, you see. A couple of weeks ago I was so worried thinking about the house to buy. Last night, eventually the couple decided to sell the property to us.

It was a good day. Alas, bittersweet, I must say.
For I am a bit upset when they just give a discount of RM2000 :P

Thursday, July 24, 2008


Sham's left knee was injured during futsal last Friday. Yes...yes..I know, this is not a pix of a knee. Wait! I'll tell u why.

Ever since the injury, most of the time, he walks by transferring his weight and pressure onto his foot. So, it became an abnormal muscle tension in the foot.
Last night, he complained that his foot was aching. Ermm..fracture of metatarsal bones, perhaps! Or could it be gout, as the Doctor said? OMG! I hope it's not :(

I am worried :(

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Of TTDI or Section 19

Whew! I have submitted the exam questions! Less now I can simply focus on my lectures and other stuff.

Last Saturday, my Programme had a presentation of the Industrial Training students. The session started with a hearing of a problematic student who had her own mind of arranging her industrial training. Not to be harsh, but she deserved it! She once created such a problem with me. The conclusion was, the case will be brought up to the faculty level.

Sunday... Sham & I went to view another house in TTDI. In the afternoon, I handled a 3-hour Module for the students. Not a big issue...

Hmmm... mentioning about the house, yesterday, I sought Dr Wan's opinion on the houses we are considering to buy.
The options are some houses in TTDI and one in Section 19.
He said... Despite the flood-prone issue, I should consider the arrangement/location, hygiene and facilities in the vicinity of TTDI. TTDI is a dengue area though bcoz it's a humid place.
Well, being a TTDIan, obviously he looks at the bright side of TTDI.

I personally think that I prefer the houses in TTDI. But I don't really mind if Sham wants the other one.

Friday, July 18, 2008

House or Home?

Last weekend, Sham & I went to have a look at another house to buy in Section 8. Amazingly, it was nicely decorated and arranged. Minor renovation has been done and the interior design made me feel as if I were seeing a showhouse! It is not spacious, but it's ok. What matters most is I like it!

So, I don't mind when the previous owner of the house in Bukit Bandaraya did not respond after we signed the S&P. That house was not in a good condition (that's common when it is rented out) anyway and I just don't feel that it's gonna a be a 'home'. It's more like a house!

I hoped the couple will agree to lower down the price a little bit. Even if they don't, I think it's worthy.

Just now, Sham called after getting the owners' decision. Not only that they agreed to decrease the price, instead they are increasing it to somewhat Rm25K more.
I am not a raging maniac, but why in the first place they put such an affordable price?

There goes my dream...Needless to say, now we have to start looking around for other houses...

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Losing my life to exams

Yes! It is the beginning of new semester.
Yet I'm stressed out.

Not bcoz I have to grade the exam papers, but to prepare the exam questions.
What makes the difference? I am still depressed anyway :(


Wednesday, July 16, 2008

July birthdays

It's Maya's and Yone's birthday. happy birthday, girls!

As everyone's busy preparing and auditing exam questions, we didn't have anything fancy this time. Sab & I brought Zana out for lunch...and we asked her to pick her birthday cake at a bakery.

So, Zana... make sure next year, U celebrate ur birthday with something in ur tummy! ;)

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

It's been a busy week

A picture paints a thousand words.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Hulk bulu...the ogre

Adam loves the water so much. Whether it's a shower, or a bath... he really enjoys it.
If it's a shower, he'd try to look at the shower head, where the water comes from. If it's a bath, he'd be excited pitter-pattering and splashing the water.

During my childhood days, sometimes Acik & I were so lazy to bathe. I repeat...SOMETIMES! :p

Abah would then start momok-ing us that he'll call Pak Cik Ein or popularly known as 'Hulk Bulu' (the hairy hulk) between us if we didn't rush to bathe.

He, being the giant creature would appear just to scare us or actually to help Abah chase us to the bathroom. Pak Cik Ein lived next door. He's just an ordinary man, not a hideous humanoid monster that feed on small kids as we interpreted. Nevertheless, we still call him with the nickname to metaphorically describe his big body and the abundance of hair of his face and chest.

AlFatihah to the late Pak Cik Ein.

Friday, July 11, 2008

"Crying over spilled milk"...

The title of the post might reflect that I am regretting over something that is already lost. Well, really means the literal way.

After the Programme Meeting just now, I rushed to perform ablution for Solat Asar...and went to the pantry to get the bottle of milk I pumped earlier this morning.
Unfortunately, I couldn't find it in the freezer. I sat in front of the opened fridge...staring and wondering where could I have misplaced it?
Sabri entered the pantry and asked me and I told him. Then, I saw my empty milk bottle next to the sink. Blank & blur, I walked out with the bottle in my hand.

Upon seeing me, Mimi & Kak Aida asked whether I have already been informed of what has happened. Then only I was told...they found the milk spilt on the floor this afternoon (covered with old newspaper). Two names were mentioned as the so-called-culprit, seen tiptoeing out of the pantry.
One of the idiots were there...and he only came nearer to say (read: not to confess) "Oh...I opened the freezer and the bottle just rolled out. I tried to call u, but the line was unreachable".

Yes...that's it. No apologies! No other things.
Maybe it's my fault for hoping him to apologize. But at least, doesn't he feel guilty...or ashamed?

I couldn't stop my tears anymore.
Even if Adam turned around while breastfeeding, I would be angry...
Even if less than 1oz of milk is spilt, I'd feel sad...
What more in this case? I remember being so proud with the >8oz of milk after pumping it this morning.

Well, maybe it's not little Adam's rezeki...but, I can't take it because the idiot didn't even say sorry. He should have smsed me when he couldn't get me on the phone, so that I'll get to know it earlier.
People are just ignorant, aweless and disrespectful! #$*%$@$%&%@#$%^%$@$%!

Yes...I am being hostile what?

Thursday, July 10, 2008


Dunno why!!!
I wake up late these days. This morning, Sham had to go to Bangi... but I merely forgot.
So, despite the lateness, I took my time to make up and donned into something nice (for today I have many lectures, so I must look good for my self esteem)

I felt sooo guilty when I realized as if I was simply delaying, but time keeps tick tocking. What is past, is past...

Well...fashionably late? It's a fashion, anyway!

Now, I gotta prepare for the lectures in an hour time. Will continue later.....

Wednesday, July 9, 2008


I'm soooo bz these days.
The new semester has started. Let me list down what are the things to do...

Update lecture materials, prepare the exam questions, complete the OBE thingy, edit the research report for IRDC, help my boss with his report, prepare for the industrial training presentation, plan for academic visit, finish the course info for the new MSc programme...yada....yada...

Is it simply a lot?
Or is it my mistake for dillydallying what I should've done long ago? Hehehe

Monday, July 7, 2008

Hello, tiny tooth!

Since weeks ago, I thought Little Adam might be teething (he has been drooling a lot). Yet when I stuck my finger into his mouth, I never got it right.

Today, i tried again...and lo and behold, I felt a tooth nub! Adam's gonna have his first tooth! I am sooo excited! Hihihi...

Not only that, Adam is already 9.6 kg! No wonder I could feel the 'weight' when carrying him in my arms.

Yesterday, Sham & I brought little Adam to Sunway get a new digital camera. My old one is malfunctioning...seems like there's something wrong with the LCD.
After browsing and giving headache to Ken, the salesperson... Sham bought me the black FE 320 Olympus digicam.

It is super-slim (.67-inch), and easily slips inside a pocket or for me, I can just simply stash it in my handbag bag without a bulge.
Its Face Detection feature helps to track faces within the frame and focuses and optimizes exposure for sharp, brilliant portrait pictures. Interestingly, it also has Smile Shot feature which will capture every spontaneous smile!

Other than that, the high ISO sensitivity and faster shutter speeds will freeze actions and capture sharp, blur-free images with the Digital Image Stabilization (DIS) .

Ahaaa...this camera also helps to lighten up shadows, reduce blur and remove red-eye so a less-than-perfect shot can still turn out perfect! Well, nobody gets the perfect shot all the time, but this's possible for me! :P

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