Friday, July 11, 2008

"Crying over spilled milk"...

The title of the post might reflect that I am regretting over something that is already lost. Well, really means the literal way.

After the Programme Meeting just now, I rushed to perform ablution for Solat Asar...and went to the pantry to get the bottle of milk I pumped earlier this morning.
Unfortunately, I couldn't find it in the freezer. I sat in front of the opened fridge...staring and wondering where could I have misplaced it?
Sabri entered the pantry and asked me and I told him. Then, I saw my empty milk bottle next to the sink. Blank & blur, I walked out with the bottle in my hand.

Upon seeing me, Mimi & Kak Aida asked whether I have already been informed of what has happened. Then only I was told...they found the milk spilt on the floor this afternoon (covered with old newspaper). Two names were mentioned as the so-called-culprit, seen tiptoeing out of the pantry.
One of the idiots were there...and he only came nearer to say (read: not to confess) "Oh...I opened the freezer and the bottle just rolled out. I tried to call u, but the line was unreachable".

Yes...that's it. No apologies! No other things.
Maybe it's my fault for hoping him to apologize. But at least, doesn't he feel guilty...or ashamed?

I couldn't stop my tears anymore.
Even if Adam turned around while breastfeeding, I would be angry...
Even if less than 1oz of milk is spilt, I'd feel sad...
What more in this case? I remember being so proud with the >8oz of milk after pumping it this morning.

Well, maybe it's not little Adam's rezeki...but, I can't take it because the idiot didn't even say sorry. He should have smsed me when he couldn't get me on the phone, so that I'll get to know it earlier.
People are just ignorant, aweless and disrespectful! #$*%$@$%&%@#$%^%$@$%!

Yes...I am being hostile what?

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