Saturday, July 12, 2008

Hulk bulu...the ogre

Adam loves the water so much. Whether it's a shower, or a bath... he really enjoys it.
If it's a shower, he'd try to look at the shower head, where the water comes from. If it's a bath, he'd be excited pitter-pattering and splashing the water.

During my childhood days, sometimes Acik & I were so lazy to bathe. I repeat...SOMETIMES! :p

Abah would then start momok-ing us that he'll call Pak Cik Ein or popularly known as 'Hulk Bulu' (the hairy hulk) between us if we didn't rush to bathe.

He, being the giant creature would appear just to scare us or actually to help Abah chase us to the bathroom. Pak Cik Ein lived next door. He's just an ordinary man, not a hideous humanoid monster that feed on small kids as we interpreted. Nevertheless, we still call him with the nickname to metaphorically describe his big body and the abundance of hair of his face and chest.

AlFatihah to the late Pak Cik Ein.

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